“Simply gorgeous.” – The Guardian
“Undeniable star power.” – The Independent

“Ready for domination.” – The Line Of Best Fit

“Gorgeous harmonies and instrumentals that will leave you enchanted.” – Clash

A uniquely talented songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, playwright and actor, Maimuna Memon finds the common ground between theatre and accomplished leftfield pop. She’s making big waves on stage, her self-written, one-woman show ‘Manic Street Creature’ winning The Fringe First AwardThe Stage Award for Performing and The Mental Health Award after a highly acclaimed run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Her reputation continued to flourish when she was nominated for an Olivier Award for her role in the Richard Hawley musical ‘Standing At The Sky’s Edge’, which also gained praise from Self Esteem and Jessie Ware. And while she is only just beginning her adventures in the world of pop, her introductory tracks,‘Calling’ and ‘First Born Child’ have already received support from Jamz SupernovaNMEThe Line of Best Fit, The Guardian and The Independent.

Now Maimuna Memon underlines precisely why she is building such acclaim as she shares her official debut artist single ‘Sinner’LISTEN HERE.

‘Sinner’ is a bold stylistic fusion in which expansive alt-pop, a surfeit of soul and folk-tinged songwriting are united by Maimuna’s distinctive vocal tone. And that voice unveils more layers as the song expands its dramatic aura, with Maimuna progressing from delicately enunciated coos to the full-blooded expression that she exudes when the song reaches its denouement. Lyrically it plays upon storytelling, philosophical musing and first person experience in a way that makes her a kindred spirit to similarly literary artists such as Regina SpektorAngel OlsenFiona Apple and Benjamin Clementine.

Maimuna says, “‘Sinner’ is an all-consuming love story. It reflects on the deep connections we have to our ancestors, the religious guilt we inherit and the hope of breaking free from the choices the ones before us made. What was taught to us was not always what was best for us. How can we learn to forgive ourselves for our mistakes?”

‘Sinner’ was written by Maimuna, who also played all of the instruments (including guitar, piano, synths and harmonium) and co-produced  the track alongside Neil Comber (M.I.A.Declan McKennaFlorence + The Machine) and Jonathan Quarmby (Benjamin Clementine, Lewis Capaldi).

Maimuna Memon was born in Darwen near Blackburn, the child of an Irish mother and Pakistani father. Music was a constant presence in her life as she studied the violin using the Suzuki method before also teacher herself piano, drums, guitar and harmonium. Growing up in a largely white area, her teenage years were interrupted by a sudden move to Australia. She struggled to find her place and reconcile her heritage until she read about third culture kids: children who spend their formative years away from their parents’ homeland and therefore experience both challenges and advantages that come from having a less defined cultural identity.

By the time she graduated from drama school, she was writing music in tandem with acting. Making her way to LondonMaimuna then co-founded a theatre company with her classmates. Still the determined outsider, her creativity manifested itself with plays that could only be the product of her own distinct vision – debuting at Edinburgh in 2019 with ‘Electrolyte’before ‘Manic Street Creature’ and ‘Standing At The Sky’s Edge’ solidified her burgeoning reputation. ‘Manic Street Creature’ will open in London for an extended run later this year, while ‘Sinner’ is the first in a series of new music releases that Maimuna Memon will share as 2023 progresses.

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