ten56. – Downer – album out now!

ten56. – Downer

ten56. is a  project built upon the stress and uncertainty of a global pandemic, made up of real people who are sick of the pretentious elite and the hypocrisy of the industry.
ten56. was founded across summer of 2020, vowing to become the vector of uncompromised, raw emotions, drawn out of the darkest corner of human nature.
“We write music that exposed the deepest inner pains of life, lifting the veil from egoism to show the true dark thought that we all possess.”
With a dark sound churned through an industrial machine to give the music an apocalyptic sound; with imagery that refuses to skim over the horrible truths that so many humans live through from day to day.
A modern and dark view of what the future holds, whilst being conscient of the daily.
ten56. is a mix of attitude, anxiety and industrialism rolled into one angry package that lays bear for all to relate.

ten56. are about to release their first full-length album “Downer”, consisting of two parts that have previously been released as EPs. Culminating their abrasive sounds into one big release that might easily end up in many AOTY-lists, their music is the perfect representation of brute aggression, dystopian views and an overall crushing sound with Aaron Matts’ incredible vocals.

Bouncy aspects of tracks like “Yenta” or the band’s most popular song “Diazepam” (that almost hit 3 million streams on Spotify already) make it irresistible to start banging your head. The band’s take on trap music among other influences make their sound incredibly modern, while digging up the best trademarks of early 2010’s deathcore, too. Similarly creepy as Korn’s selftitled album or Slipknot’s Iowa, ten56. showcase their scarifying sonics on tracks like “Boy” or “Traumadoll”, while stomping grooves, slamming riffs and crushing drums combined with rap music elements easily make “Saiko” another groundbreaking track that almost feels uncomfortable (in a good sense).

Short blast beat sections gain even more heaviness, as if “Downer” wouldn’t be heavy enough already. As a bonus, “Choky” comes as an album-exclusive track that once again smashes with ten56.’s intriguing nu-metal induced deathcore sound in between downtempo grooves. ten56. are a modern take on early Emmure, combined with golden era nu-metal, catchy grooves  and a destructive wall of sound similar to Humanity’s Last Breath – resulting easily in your new favorite deathcore band!