ten56. new uncut single “RLS”, EP “Downer Part 2” comes out on January 13, 2023!

ten56. –  new single “RLS” out now
– New EP “Downer Part 2” comes out on January 13, 2023! 

ten56. were truly taken back by the response to ‘RLS,’ and they heard you. The full, uncut version hits your streaming platform of choice today via Out Of Line Music, and start the preorder for the long-awaited ten56. EP “Downer Part 2”, set for a January 13th release, here
‘RLS” Visualizer: https://youtu.be/K7nya5uG94I 
Watch ‘Traumadoll’ / ‘RLS’ here: https://youtu.be/JgWYY2iBcTw

Stream ‘RLS’ now here: https://ten56.lnk.to/RLS
Listen to ‘Traumdoll’ again: https://ten56.lnk.to/Traumadoll

Following the release of their debut EP “‘Downer Part 1” in 2021 and the staggering single ‘Yenta’ earlier this year, ten56. made a welcomed return with a dual video for new tracks ‘Traumadoll’ and ‘RLS’. ‘Traumadoll’ & ‘RLS’ sonically showcase two different sides to ten56. as they continue to push the boundaries of their genre and defy expectations of their sound. ‘Traumadoll’ delivers the heavy breakdowns and vicious vocal delivery of vocalist Aaron Matts we are familiar with, whilst the forthcoming single ‘RLS’ serves us a more mellow, reflective side. Both tracks lyrically serve an incredibly sombre look into some distressing themes surrounding mental health and allowed Matts to open up to his fellow bandmates as well as himself, as a starting point to identify and overcome the demons he was battling with.

“We never want to give anyone a chance to put ten56. in a pigeon hole, the things we’ve done until this moment are the things that people already know we are capable of, and our plan going forward is always to keep adding to our repertoire. Our sound is our identity, but the possibilities in which we express ourselves within it are endless.” 

By laying themselves bare to their fans with these two extraordinary tracks, ten56. hope that they can encourage and empower those in similar positions to speak up and seek help.

“‘Traumadoll’ and ‘RLS’ speak about the lows I have experienced with substance abuse and the consequences of self medicating without seeking professional help. I hope that by being completely honest with my band mates, fans, and anyone else who comes across this track, I can encourage those in similar positions to open up and seek help. If you are in need of psychological help, please speak to someone. 
Thanks for the support.” – Aaron Matts

ten56. have so far had a short but impressive journey. Fronted by Aaron Matts and also including members from Kadinja, Betraying The Martyrs, and Uneven Structureten56. have quickly surpassed eight million streams on Spotify and become a viral sensation within the metal community.
ten56. are:
Aaron Matts – Vocals
Quentin Godet – Guitar
Luka Garotin – Guitar
Steeves Hostin – Bass
Arnaud Verrier – Drums

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