Swiss Thrashers ALGEBRA Premiere New Track: “Constricted”

Swiss thrashers Algebra have partnered with Dead Rhetoric for the premiere of “Constricted,” a track from forthcoming album Chiroptera. Stream the song at:

Algebra will release Chiroptera, their fourth full-length album, September 19 on CD and digital formats via Unspeakable Axe Records.



UAR Store:

Algebra have become one of the most reliable machines in metaldom over the course of their 14 years of existence. Like the famous Swiss watches, their music is clockwork-precise. Several overlapping schools of classic thrash coexist in their songs, with the heaviness and directness of the classic Bay Area bands somehow not crowding out the weirder, progressive flourishes of countrymates Coroner or even modern, post-1992 extreme metal influences, a la latter-day Megadeth, perhaps. It all comes together into a pummeling, yet controlled, behemoth of a band without visible seams on its stainless steel outer shell.

Their release schedule has been almost as reliable as their riffwork, with prior full-length albums Polymorph in 2012, Feed the Ego in 2014, and Pulse? in 2019. The latter two were their first outings for Unspeakable Axe Records, who is now proud to unleash their fourth album. Titled Chiroptera–with a suitably spooky bat painted on its cover, courtesy of the talented Adam Burke–this may be Algebra’s most advanced offering yet, without departing too greatly from the style they have been refining up til now.

Track Listing:

1. The Fallen

2. Resuscitation

3. Kleptomaniac

4. Constricted

5. Accomplice

6. Chiroptera

7. Suspect

8. Eternal Sleep

9. Losing Touch

10. Burn the Bridge

11. The Great Deception

Photo (L-R): Victor Brandt, Ed Nicod, Nick Abery, Florent Duployer

Photo Credits:

Victor’s photo by Maciej Pieloch; Ed, Nick and Florent’s photos by Anthony Butticaz.


*Victor Brandt: Bass

Ed Nicod: Vocals and Guitar

Nick Abery: Guitar

Florent Duployer: Drums

*Victor is in Dimmu Borgir and previously in Entombed, Witchery, and others.