Straight edge hardcore band Time x Heist release ‘The Odds Against Tomorrow’ (Expanded Edition)

Straight edge hardcore band Time x Heist release

The Odds Against Tomorrow (Expanded Edition)

Announce signing to Heroes + Martyrs

Photo Credit: Jordan Trout

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Based in the “remote mountain region” of Denver, Colorado, Time X Heist are making classic straight edge hardcore with bounce and motivation. Today the band announces their first collaboration with Heroes + Martyrs Records, joining acts such as No Warning, Hard Feelings, Big Deal and Suffer No Fools on the growing New York-based label.

“Having first met Mark over 20 years ago, when I heard that Time X Heist was looking to reissue their record I was quick to put it out there that I wanted to be involved. Being able to help put the record out there that matched the band’s original vision was important for me,” says Steve from Heroes + Martyrs.

The Odds Against Tomorrow (Expanded Edition) is a re-release of Time X Heist’s 2022 debut EP and is available now. The EP now features an additional live set recorded in October 2023 at the historic Denver venue The O. Included in the live set is a cover of “Straight Edge Revenge,” by Project X. The original six tracks from the EP have been remastered by Brad Boatright at Audioseige. In addition to new and remastered music, graphic designer James Carrol provided an updated layout and artwork.

“This is the record as we originally intended to release it. We got to go back and give the release the love and level of attention to detail that it really deserved,” says Time X Heist vocalist Mark.

You can listen to it HERE and purchase the vinyl edition now through Heroes + Martyrs.

This summer Time X Heist will make their first trip to Europe for a 21 day tour where the band will appear at a number of festivals including Ain’t Like You Festival in Germany and Ieper Hardcore Fest in Belgium. The band will also be appearing in more intimate club settings alongside bands such as Slapshot, Death Before Dishonor, Incendiary, and Conservative Military Image. You can check out their full list of upcoming shows below.

Time X Heist is Mark (vocals), Robert Garcia (guitar), Rodrigo Martinez (guitar),

Alex Morales (bass), and Raphael Angoulvant (drums)

The Odds Against Tomorrow (Expanded Edition) Tracklist:

1. Forever True

2. Time Heist

3. You’re Wrong

4. Learn To Believe

5. Still Here

6. Remember When

7. Forever True (Live)

8. Never Too Late (Live)

9. Straight Edge Revenge (Live)

10. Still Here (Live)

11. You’re Wrong (Live)

12. Keep On Fighting (Live)

13. Learn To Believe (Live)

14. Remember When (Live)

Upcoming Shows:

Apr. 5th, Denver, CO @ Marquis w/ Mindz Eye, Lucked Out, Wolfblitzer & Writheinfear

Jun. 14th, Torgau, Germany @ Ain’t Like You Festival w/ Bane, Agnostic Front, Comeback Kid, Integrity & more.

Jun. 15th, Essen, Germany @ Don’t Panic w/ Slapshot, Death Before Dishonor, Conservative Military Image

Jun. 18th, Budweis City, Czech Republic @ Mc Fabrika w/ Death Before Dishonor

Jun. 24th, Berlin, Germany @ SO36 w/ Incendiary, Conservative Military Image

Jun. 30th, Budapest, Hungary @ Kripta w/ XEscalateX, Exposeur, Wheelbite

Jul. 2nd, Vienna, Austria @ Flucc w/ Conservative Military Image

Jul. 4th, Cologna, Germany @ Gebaude 9 w/ Slapshot, Death Before Dishonor, Conservative Military Image

Jul. 5th-7th, Ieper, Belgium @ Ieper Hardcore Fest w/ Bane, Conservative Military Image, Earth Crisis & more.