South African Alt-Rock Artist Chats With Rock ‘N’ Load About Her New Latest EP ‘What You Made Me’

Cindy-Louise Unveils the Mystical Evolution of her Sound in a Captivating Interview: From Theatrics to Cinematic Bliss, the Alt-Rock Metal Artist Shares Global Vision with Rock ‘N’ Load

Rock ‘N’ Load welcomes you once again to an updated rendezvous with the extraordinary Cindy-Louise, a musical force whose journey continues to unfold with unwavering dynamism. Acknowledging our previous chats, this encounter delves into new dimensions, revealing the evolution of Cindy-Louise’s sound and exploring the captivating story that transcends borders and resonates with global audiences.

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Q: Since our last chat, how do you feel your musical style has evolved, and what new elements have you incorporated into your sound? Are there specific experiences or global influences that have significantly shaped this evolution?

Cindy-Louise: Since our last engaging conversation, I have immersed myself profoundly into the nuances of the recording process. I have explored how to layer my vocal takes and manipulate certain aspects to conjure something genuinely enchanting. I’ve mastered my distinctive style, which is a fusion of theatrics (harnessing all the drama and anticipation from musicals and rock music) and cinematic elements (movie music that transports you to a mystical realm). I am bubbling with excitement to unveil the projects I’ve been pouring my heart into. When it comes to influences and experiences, I embody the sponge-like nature of a passionate learner. I revel in discovering new musical dimensions and absorbing novel elements.

Q: ‘What You Made Me’ has been described as having a theatrical rock aesthetic. Can you share any cinematic influences that have inspired the storytelling and atmosphere of your music? Any recent films or visuals that left a lasting impression?

Cindy-Louise: I am obsessed with Films. The profound influence of music on scenes never ceases to amaze me, particularly in the magic, fantasy, and whimsical genres. The Witcher, Game of Thrones, and The Wheel of Time are significant sources of inspiration for me.

Q: The prospect of live performances is always exciting. As the world reopens post-pandemic, what are your plans for live shows and touring? Any specific cities or venues you’re particularly eager to perform in, catering to fans of alternative rock and metal?

Cindy-Louise:I have numerous festivals and events scheduled for this year, and I am also organizing three shows. The locations for these events will be Utrecht, Johannesburg, and Pietermaritzburg. My aspiration is to captivate and astonish your mind.

Q: Expanding our discussion on collaborations, have there been any global artists you’ve connected with or aspire to collaborate with in the future? How does the idea of collaborating with artists from different corners of the world appeal to you, especially those with a resonance in the alternative rock and metal scene?

Cindy-Louise: Currently, there are two projects underway in which I am actively involved. I find immense pleasure in collaborating with other creative individuals as it significantly enhances our collective creativity. Additionally, I have a keen interest in undertaking a course in London, albeit the feasibility of this plan is whether I have time between my busy schedule.

Q: Your unique style incorporates elements from various genres. Can you elaborate on your songwriting process and how you navigate the fusion of genres to create a sound that is distinctly Cindy-Louise? How do bands like Sleep Token, Within Temptation, Palaye Royale, and Evanescence influence your approach?

Cindy-Louise: In my musical composition process, my primary focus is not necessarily on integrating various genres. Instead, I contemplate the desired ambiance, atmosphere, and the emotions I aim to elicit. This could potentially explain the occasional blending of genres in my work. The distinctiveness of my sound is undeniably increasing, which I attribute to my experimental approach with various elements, retaining those that appeal to me. The unique sound of 2024 that I possess is rooted in the realms of fantasy and wonder.

Q: Ireland boasts a rich musical heritage. Have you discovered any local artists or elements of Irish culture that have found their way into your recent work? How does the local scene, whether in Ireland or elsewhere, influence your creative process?

Cindy-Louise: The lineage of my husband traces back to Irish and Scottish roots, providing me a fascinating opportunity to engage with remarkable cultural aspects and traditions. In addition, I am an avid enthusiast of Celtic and Irish folk music. This genre has significantly influenced the creation of this EP and has had an even more profound impact on my upcoming album.

Q: Given your previous features on Rock ‘N’ Load, how has your connection with the Irish audience evolved, and do you find their response to your music different from other global audiences? Any memorable experiences with Irish fans you’d like to share?

Cindy-Louise: I have not met any Irish fans in person yet, but I would love to delve deeper into their music scene. Since being featured in Rock ‘N’ Load my following in that region has definitely increased.

Q: Reflecting on your career, what have been the most impactful moments or milestones that have shaped your artistic journey, from your debut album ‘Humanity’ to the recent success of singles like ‘Innocence,’ appealing to fans of alternative rock and metal?

Cindy-Louise: Thus far, I have had the privilege of encountering truly extraordinary individuals who have evolved from mere fans into a familial and communal support system for me. My track, ‘Woman of My Own Damn Mind,’ also had the honor of being showcased on the South African series, ‘Devils Peak,’ an achievement that was immensely exhilarating for me. In summary, I harbor profound gratitude towards every individual and every aspect of this journey I am on.

Q: Your music videos, particularly “Innocence,” showcase a visually captivating aspect to your work. How do you approach the visual storytelling in your music videos, and what role does it play in conveying the essence of your songs, especially those with an appeal to alternative rock and metal audiences?

Cindy-Louise: As a person who thrives in visual creativity, I relish the process of constructing scenes that harmonize flawlessly with the music I compose. In collaboration with Stefan Sparky Media, a talented director and videographer, we illuminate my musical vision. We dive deeply into an emotional journey, merging our storytelling abilities to craft a captivating music video that resonates and connects with people, especially the alternative and rock music scene who truly appreciates the craft.

Q: Your song ‘Women Of My Own Damn Mind’ was featured in the series ‘Devil’s Peak’ (that is receiving distribution worldwide now). Could you share the creative process behind this track, and how did it feel to see your music integrated into the prevailing narrative of the show? How do you approach creating music for visual storytelling?

Cindy-Louise: Upon viewing the incorporation of my music within the scene and appreciating its excellent depiction, I was overwhelmed with immense pride and satisfaction. The perfect alignment with my envisioned music video, if I had directed one for this song. Additionally, the process of composing this piece was rather humorous. In the midst of submitting music to an American producer, I was grappling with the feeling that none of my submissions were hitting the mark. However, in an unexpected moment while in the kitchen, a wave of inspiration washed over me, leading to the sudden creation of this piece.

Q: Dreaming ahead, if you could curate a collaborative tour featuring artists from diverse genres and backgrounds, who would be on your dream lineup, and what kind of sonic journey would you envision for this eclectic tour, keeping in mind the interests of alternative rock and metal fans?

Cindy-Louise:This tour would definitely be a show for fans that love to activate their imagination; in my mind, there would be loads of effects, lighting, and even bubbles. The lineup would include:

  • Aurora
  • Sleep Token
  • Palaye Royale
  • Hozier
  • Erick Gerber
  • Arankai
  • Dune Moss
  • David Kushner

As we conclude this updated catch-up chat with Cindy-Louise on Rock ‘N’ Load, her insights provide a panoramic view of her ever-evolving musical landscape. We extend our appreciation for sharing these fresh perspectives and eagerly anticipate the continued sonic journey Cindy-Louise is set to embark upon. Dive deeper into the enchanting world of Cindy-Louise by following her on social media and be sure to listen to her incredible new EP, ‘What You Made Me.’ The harmonies yet to be discovered await your exploration. Don’t miss a beat, ollow Cindy-Louise and let the music speak for itself!