Singer/Songwriter Dom Pavic Releases New Track “Why Does It Feel So Real”

Raised in Burlington Ontario, Dom Pavic is a singer/songwriter whose music shimmers sounds of 70’s mellow rock, folk rock, and rock country that is flared with a contemporary style. Dom has been performing for 19 years, in several groups and on his own. Recently he has embarked on a solo career and has released his debut solo album “Early in the morning late at night”. The album blends timeless songwriting with carefully crafted production and musicianship.

Today he released his latest single “Why Does It Feel So Real” following up on his 2023 debut album release and tells the story of a young man falling in love with a married woman he is having an affair with. The whole encounter is in vain because she could never leave her family for this kid, and he is infatuated and confused as to why it can never be especially since it feels so real between the two involved.

Check Out The New Single “Why Does It Feel So Real” Here: 

Rock ‘N’ Load’s thoughts: “Dom continues to go from strength to strength with his easy-on-the-ear songwriting, vintage charm and ethereal style, “Why Does It Feel So Real” bodes well as he ventures into 2024 building on the solid foundations of “Early in the morning late at night”, Dom Pavic is one to watch”