Roe Kapara Shares Alt-Rock Anthem, “Glorious Day”


Roe Kapara by Rachel Briggs

Today, Los Angeles based artist Roe Kapara is releasing the new single “Glorious Day.” His first track of 2024 is a hedonistic anthem that embraces a sonic nostalgia reminiscent of early 00’s alt rock heroes like Weezer and Cage The Elephant.

“‘Glorious Day’ is about the inconsequential life of a nobody that decides to take part in one day of self-indulgent debauchery,” he explains. “Through a sequence of catastrophic interactions with the law, he finds himself flying off of a cliff to meet his own demise.”

Listen to “Glorious Day”:

Kapara is working on the follow-up to his 2023 EP I Hope Hell Isn’t Real (Epitaph), that puts on full display what FLOOD describes as his “penchant for lightly surreal pop tunes steeped in themes of death and the afterlife.” The release of “Glorious Day” also follows the enthusiastic reception of his two most recent singles, “The Dead Come Talking” and “Fajita!.” The former, with over 5 million streams since its release last September, lyrically bares his relationship with a life left behind while the latter celebrates a lack of competence in searching for an intimate connection.

Kapara’s streaming following has grown substantially with each release, having increased by almost half since his last single. His catalog currently boasts 48 million global streams to date and over 1.6 million weekly, a testament to the sour charm of his sardonic songwriting. With significant editorial placements at DSPs including Spotify’s All New IndieThe New AltToday’s Indie RockNew Noise, and more, “he continues to expand the universe he has crafted,” praises idobi“showcasing his ability to uncover multiple facets of the lurid lens in which he sees the world.”