Dolo Tonight Collaborates With Roe Kapara On New Single “Fake My Death”





Since the release of his 2022 EP, Life’s A Party Then You’re DeadDolo Tonight has been on an exciting upward trajectory.  While constantly engaging with his loyal fanbase of 40K followers, he’s released a string of singles (“Parking Lot Love Story,” “Do Better (feat. MICO),” and most recently “Wakey Wakey”), furthering his penchant for twisting conventions and subverting expectations through his storytelling.

Today, the LA-by-way-of-Jersey singer/songwriter shares his new single, “Fake My Death,” with close collaborator and labelmate Roe Kapara. A guitar-driven swirl of indie pop and alt-rock, the pairing brings the best out of both artists as the track sees Dolo expand his musical palette.  “It was sick to work on this with one of my closest friends!” he enthuses. “I feel like this collaboration has been building up forever so it’s dope to let it see the light of day!

“Fake My Death” 


Lyrically, the song embodies the two writing partners’ styles as Dolo and Kapara masterfully display their clever brand of paradoxically upbeat misery with a unique balance of morbidity and humor that sets them apart from their peers.  While collaboration came naturally to the pair, constructing the perfect song required a great deal of time, patience, and most of all, a whole slew of fresh ideas.

We literally went through like 40 different versions of the chorus and finally once we found something that felt right, we both knew we had to put it out,” Dolo recalls.  Speaking to their creative compatibility, Kapara echoes this sentiment.  “[He] and I have been working together for years, so it feels like I’ve already put out a whole album of songs with him. Probably should have dropped one with him sooner, but I’m glad we waited for the perfect tune to come along” – one perfect for summer with its refreshing and highly infectious sound.

Dolo Tonight (real name Jonah Rindner), known for his colorful personality and style, is seeing incredible growth with over 52 million TikTok views and 5 million YouTube views.  He tells the stories of those he feels closest to – those a little left of center: the wanderers, the dreamers, the outcasts – and in doing so has built his own universally accepting musical world that continues to reveal itself with each release.  His recent single, “Parking Lot Love Story,” leapt to #7 on the iTunes Alternative Chart, cementing Dolo Tonight as one of the underground’s fastest rising names.

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