Priest // Craven // E.B. & The Deadlights // Live Review // Voodoo // Belfast

Midweek chaos at Voodoo Belfast for something a little different as Swedish Dark Synthwave project Priest roll into town to carry out confessions to all who require them, believe me in Belfast they’ll be here all week! 

We have Belfast band E.B & The Deadlights opening up followed by Craven an Irish Dark Synth band to do their worst to the Voodoo faithful before the Swedish maestros take the stage. So it’s a heavy lineup to keep all those who ventured out on a school night entertained into the wee hours. 

E.B & The Deadlights are up first and after releasing their debut EP Still See Ghosts a while back the guys are playing their first gig of 2022 and are chomping at the bit to be out live once again. The vet stuck right in with a highly charged set and some stand out guitar work by stand-in guitarist Steven Donnelly. The guys don’t hold back at all, unleashing a powerful performance to ensure nobody here walks away without remembering their name. They’ve come tonight to make their mark and they have done exactly that with an angst-ridden performance worthy of their reputation.

 E.B & THE DEADLIGHTS’s debut EP, Still See Ghosts, was released on Friday 3rd December. Head to the band’s social platforms for live show updates and announcements. ||


So Craven is up next, a one-man Industrial-Dark Synth wave artist who loves his 1980’s Occult Horror movies and the theatrics that go along with the genre. This is going to be interesting for sure, and I was not wrong! Craven takes the stage looking like something between Leatherface and Captain Jack Sparrow. With a backing track/samples slamming out of the PA and Craven slamming on the guitar it’s a crazy combo, never mind the introduction of a giant heart mid-set to battle with. Either I’ve taken drugs before I came out or Craven has, this totally could be that scene from Wolf On Wall Street when he drives home wiped off his face. The visual of the performance is crazy beautiful as Craven does his thing and the Voodoo crowd gets into their groove. Once again I am not going to forget this night!

Cometh the hour cometh the band and tonight it’s Voodoo’s turn to get on their knees and tell all to the mighty Priest. Sweden’s dirty little secret is in Ireland for a two-stop date with Dublin tomorrow before one final UK show in Milton Keynes before they slip off into the darkness once again. 

We caught up with frontman Mercury before the tour so make sure you check out our little heart to heart and all the buzz on the new music coming your way.

Swedish Dark Synthwave Artist Priest Talks To Rock ‘N’ Load Ahead Of UK/Ireland Tour – We catch up with vocalist Mercury to talk about life growing up in Sweden, the music scene and the journey via GHOST to Priest and his fear of living without the mask!!!

As the band take to the stage we are in complete darkness with each band member taking to the stage individually – as the music starts the atmosphere in the room is palpable and the tension building before Mercury takes his place and goes straight into song – what you get from there is a relentless battering from the bass bins as the music flows and the beats take over. The power of Synth music in the flesh live and in person is a seriously powerful thing, and Mercury upfront is nailing it delivering a killer performance vocally and he is covering every inch of the stage boogying his ass off. The voodoo crow is digging it, standing back you can see the faithful crowd dancing away to the music, young girls with their arms in the air grooving away to a killer set by a monstrous sounding setlist. 

The room is reverberating with the thunderous bass pumping out and the visuals of the guys in their leather and masks against the upbeat music is a beautiful thing to see but my god getting out of that gear afterwards must be such a relief! It is an experience you should immerse yourself in fully, allow that beautiful synth-wave magic to flow through you and transport you to an otherworldly place. A Tuesday night in Belfast, quiet and subdued normally but tonight this Swedish trio have transformed a school night into a religious experience and they are playing to the converted. The great reset? I think I just witnessed it first hand and I don’t think it’s what Claus Schwabe had in mind, suit up boss shizzle just got real.


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