Big Muff 68 – Norwegian Swing Metal Collective Share Music Video For New Song “Run You Out Of Town”

Big Muff 68 – Norwegian Swing Metal Collective Share Music Video For New Song “Run You Out Of Town” Via Brave Words

Norwegian self-proclaimed founders of Swing Metal, Big Muff 68 have recently shared a new song off the band’s forthcoming debut album “Swing Metal”, due out on May 6th via Mas-Kina Recordings.

Titled “Run You Out Of Town”, this new song is now playing at Brave Words here.

If you missed it, the video for leading single “Everything’s OK” is still playing at this location.

The Norwegian sextet features members of Insense, Shining, Beaten to Death, Doedsvangr and Circus Maximus, and the story revolving around their origins is hysterical and downright stylish, here’s how everything happened: Bangkok, early 2000’s. Henry Gibson meets Ron Dongery at the final fitting while visiting tailor Balbir Surajitskul in Thailand. Their suits have an uncanny resemblance, so they decide to become male models in their home country of Norway. The 70’s era three-piece suit model industry is a tough place to thrive, so the two hunks decide to spread their message of love for three-piece suits through Swing Metal music. There’s only one problem, the genre Swing Metal hasn’t been invented yet. So, to sort the problem, they contact their other model friends Chris Bartender, Bass Frehley, Biff Gardiner, Steve Cattens, Dolby Surround and 12-time organ champion, Norge, to help out.
Chris, Bass, Biff, Steve, Dolby and Norge fly to Thailand to have tailor Surajitskul make them suits as well. The boys return home armed with looks to swing, so when they reunite with Henry and Ron the genre “tailors” itself with ease.
The name Big Muff 68 is chosen for the group, incidentally, inspired by Chris’ unfortunate night with a Ukrainian hopak dancer and the distortion pedal with the same name. 68 you ask? Well, that’s the closest number to 69, which is quite risqué. 
Big Muff 68 are now the proudly founders of Swing Metal and that carries a lot of weight on their shoulders.