Philly crew Smooth Brain drop pop punk cover of Olivia Rodrigo’s “good 4 u”

In the face of the adversity and hostility enveloping our global community, reactions tend to skew toward the extremes: escapist joy or full-steam-ahead revolution. Smooth Brain is asking the question: Why not both?

The quintet have been dazzling with a series of hook-laden, anthems, whilst championing underdogs everywhere and raising the collective voice of the queer community.

The band’s first output of 2024 is a cover of the new queen of pop, Olivia Rodrigo, whose “good 4 u” offers a prudent synergy for Smooth Brain’s insatiably catchy, but unerringly relevant arrival onto the scene. Throw in a Paramore mash-up and you have an uplifting pop rock anthem bubbling with fun.

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Smooth Brain 2 Credit LA Rodgers

The alternative scene has long been a proving ground that exultation and rebellion are not mutually exclusive. Smooth Brain have taken this ethos to heart, with a collection of songs that fight tooth and nail for their LGBTQ fellowship, whilst ensuring that everybody in earshot is wearing a smile. Queer joy and pure rage. Hand-in-hand. United.

Formed by a group of high school friends and TikTok mutuals, the tri-state pop-punk crew hit the radar in summer 2023 with their attention grabbing Friendly Fire. Led by uplifting lead single, “No Pressure”, Smooth Brain announced themselves on the scene with a collection of impassioned songs about love, heartbreak, confusion and nostalgia.

Nostalgia and progress can indeed be the best of friends. Smooth Brain is kicking off what promises a year full of statement-making, fist-pumping anthems with a glistening cover of of Olivia Rodrigo mega hit “good 4 u”.

Smooth Brain will be gracing the SXSW stage this Spring, playing an official showcase on March 15th @ The Iron Bear, alongside Cassadee Pope and Winona Fighter.

Smooth Brain 4 Credit LA Rodgers


Smooth Brain is:
Izzy Gunn (she/her) – Vocals
Hera Andre-Bergmann (she/her) – Guitar
Ben Schaare (he/him) – Guitar
Maryn Czajkowski (she/her) – Bass
Jordan Mel (he/they) – Drums