Alternative rock crew Smooth Brain fight “Derealization”

Elation and despair are closer than we think and both are represented amply on Smooth Brain‘s new single “Derealization”. The song delivers bright and insatiably catchy hooks, while addressing a dissociative disorder frequently felt but seldom tackled with such candour.

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Opening up on the personal new track, lead vocalist Izzy Gunn shares: “I feel like I’ve been having an existential crisis for the last couple years, and it’s really difficult to express that feeling to others.”

Gunn continues: “I can’t stop thinking about the meaning of life every single day, and how all of this won’t last forever. Eventually I just go numb and disassociate from the world. This song is me spilling my guts on what that experience has been like.”

Smooth Brain 2 Credit LA Rodgers

The alternative scene has long been a proving ground that exultation and rebellion are not mutually exclusive. Smooth Brain have taken this ethos to heart, with a collection of songs that fight tooth and nail for both their LGBTQ fellowship and their community at large, whilst ensuring that everybody in earshot is wearing a smile.

Formed by a group of high school friends and TikTok mutuals, the tri-state pop-punk crew hit the radar in summer 2023 with the attention grabbing Friendly Fire EP. Led by uplifting lead single, “No Pressure”, Smooth Brain announced themselves on the scene with a collection of impassioned songs about love, heartbreak, confusion and nostalgia – queer joy and pure rage.

Having kicked off 2024 with a serotonin inducing cover of Olivia Rodrigo’s “good 4 u”, and two sets at prestigious proving ground SXSW, Smooth Brain are back with “Derealization”. The band’s intricacy and deft hooks dance in and out of Izzy Gunn’s heartfelt lyricism, as Smooth Brain continue to grip fans both on record and live with their meaningful modern alternative.

Smooth Brain 4 Credit LA Rodgers


Smooth Brain is:
Izzy Gunn (she/her) – Vocals
Hera Andre-Bergmann (she/her) – Guitar
Ben Schaare (he/him) – Guitar
Maryn Czajkowski (she/her) – Bass
Jordan Mel (he/they) – Drums