PHANTASMAGORE: Chilean death metallers to release new CD edition of “Insurrection or Submission”

Dawnbreed Records is pleased to announce the upcoming official reissue in CD format of the acclaimed “Insurrection or Submission” EP by Chilean death metallers PHANTASMAGORE.

The CD is due out on September 17th 2022.

Gore, viscera, torture of sorts heretofore untold of. These are just a chip out of the pillars that have always made death metal such an undeniable beast since its earliest days, and it’s only as you shovel deeper into the underground that you find bands that adhere to these ideals as if they lived by them. Leagues beneath the earth amongst the maggot-ridden corpses of heathens long dead lies the entity of PHANTASMAGORE whose horrific craft has made the act rise to the surface in supreme terror alongside a hunger for flesh that simply cannot be sated.

A sound that can only be likened to a dull, jagged ax, the very whole “Insurrection or Submission” is not meant for enjoyment, but, rather, extraction. Be it information, raw suffering, or testing the very limits of the human spirit, PHANTASMAGORE‘s extraction process is as surgical as it is terrifying.

FFO: Abhorrence, Incantation, Cerebral Rot, Fetid


01. Overwhelming Recognition
02. Drips Echoes Through the Chasm
03. Deadly
04. Insurrection or Submission
05. Post Mortem Mutilation