OXALATE: US death metallers to release new tape edition of “Infatuating Sickness”

Dawnbreed Records is pleased to announce the upcoming official reissue in MC format of the acclaimed “Infatuating Sickness” EP by American death metallers OXALATE.

The tape is due out on September 23rd 2022.

“Infatuating Sickness”
is four tracks of boisterous and savage Death Metal, it’s fully berserk and utterly infectious. OXALATE bring the meaty riffs and combine that with a ravenous attitude that the four-piece spew out with reckless abandon.

The production is razor sharp and ready to sever the limbs of any unprepared listener. The drums pack a huge punch, whether they are blasting you full of holes or they are grinding out some chunky mayhem you never lose interest in what the group are throwing your way.

FFO: Immolation, Asphyx, Cianide


01. Unwholesome Revelation
02. Dark Ritual
03. Infatuating Sickness
04. Blood and Sulphur