Pardyalone asks “Why9x”

[Photo by Paul Middleton (@paulxmiddleton).
Today, rising alternative hip-hop artist Pardyalone shares his new single “Why9x,” the follow-up to his recent collaboration with Travis Barker (“Alone”).
Written and produced alongside Jono Dorr (Kehlani, G-Eazy), Gray Trainer, Barry Cohen (Jake Miller, Spencer Sutherland), Nicholas Audino (DJ Snake, Ariana Grande) & Lewis Hughes (Post Malone), “Why9x” is about continuously going through dramatic breakups and turning to substances in a depressive state. The cycle makes it hard for Pardy to open himself up and he finds himself constantly asking the question “why?”
Alongside the track, Pardyalone shares the music video which he says “represents me mentality of not wanting to be trapped in the city (Big Lake, MN) and in the mentality of being stagnant with the person I am. As I grow I want there to be room to grow within the environment I put myself in. This was the vision of that, I love how it turned out.” Check it out HERE.
Pardyalone (born Kalvin Tyler Beal) exploded onto the scene in 2022 and has since made a name for himself with his candid lyricism that is often emotionally explorative and introspective in nature. “Why9x” joins previously released singles “Alone” ft Travis Barker, “Read Your Mind,” “Test 11,” “A Place For Us,” and “She Likes My Tattoos.”
The Minnesota-born Los Angeles-based artist found solace in music after his parent’s divorce and heartbreak, leaving him looking for an opportunity to “get uncomfortable.” He began releasing tracks on Soundcloud and TikTok and has since garnered a fanbase of 671k+ followers on TikTok and millions of views with tracks like “Sincerely, F*ck You,” and most notably “Not a Home,” which has 75M+ global streams to date across platforms.