KOMA’s latest single “Of Dionysus and the Vine” is a blend of thrash and metalcore for fans of Sylosis, Trivium and Alter Bridge. The lyrics are inspired by the Greek god of wine and revelry, Dionysus, and the intoxicating power of the vine and the song is intended to capture the joy of tragedy, comedy, and festivities.

In “Of Dionysus and the Vine”, KOMA explore a variety of the popular characteristics of metalcore and experiment with a range of different sounds and influences, while still staying true to the core elements of the genre. The song evolved from riffs originally written by bassist Darren “Fling” Fleming and quickly evolved to become a showcase of KOMA’s range of influences and abilities. It incorporates thrash metal-inspired guitar parts, melodic and screamed vocals, anthemic hooks and a dynamic and confident groove. With production duties handled by Josh Robinson of JSR Audio, the track has a polished and thoughtful mix/master.



Who was Dionysus?

Dionysus was a Greek god of wine, fertility, and theatre. He was known as the son of Zeus, the king of the gods, and the mortal princess Semele. He was often depicted as a youthful, handsome figure carrying a drinking cup, and surrounded by revelers and dancers, and this has been beautifully captured by artist Adam Brown of Deadflesh Tattoos in Belfast.

According to Greek mythology, Dionysus was born from the ashes of his mother Semele, who was struck by a thunderbolt from Zeus while pregnant with him. Zeus saved the unborn child by sewing him into his own thigh until he was ready to be born.

Dionysus was often associated with wine, and he was believed to have taught humans how to cultivate grapes and make wine. He was also the god of fertility. In addition to wine and fertility, Dionysus was also the god of theater and drama. He was believed to have invented tragedy and comedy, and his festivals, called the Dionysia, were famous for their theatrical performances.

Dionysus was a complex and multifaceted deity, and his worship was widespread throughout the ancient Greek world. He was often associated with ecstasy, excess, and wild behavior, but he was also seen as a patron of the arts, a bringer of joy and celebration, and a powerful force for life and regeneration.


Niall Graham – Vocals

James Milliken – Guitars, Vocals

J D Walls – Guitars

Darren Fleming – Bass, Vocals

Ellis Robinson – Drums

With thanks to Josh Robinson (JSR Audio) and Adam Brown (Deadflesh Tattoos).


KOMA are an ambitious metalcore band hailing from Belfast, Northern Ireland. For fans of Trivium, Alter Bridge, Sylosis and System of a Down, the band explore the best of the metalcore, thrash and groove metal genres while incorporating a range of catchy and inventive riffs, anthemic choruses and hard hitting grooves. KOMA are comprised of Niall Graham (vocals), James Milliken and J.D. Walls (guitars), Darren “Fling” Fleming (bass) and Ellis Robinson (drums). Initially forming in 2019, they underwent a long hiatus and re-emerged with a bang and a brand new lineup in late 2022, releasing well-received singles “The Betrayed” and “Dichotomy”.

The band are hugely excited for the release of latest single “Of Dionysus and the Vine” in which they push their songwriting abilities to new heights. Frontman Niall Graham commented that “we think we’ve been able to encapsulate everything we do while showing off a part of our range that the listener hasn’t heard up to now. We hope you all enjoy it.” KOMA are looking forward to releasing a new batch of singles in 2023 while meeting new fans and making new friends along the way.