NOAHFINNCE X Bears In Trees Release New Single “No Point Pretending (Song For Tour)”

NOAHFINNCE X Bears In Trees Release New Single 

“No Point Pretending (Song For Tour)” 

Out Now Via Hopeless Records 


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It’s always exciting when brilliant artists collaborate for the first time and No Point Pretending (Song For Tour) does not disappoint! Rising star NOAHFINNCE and hotly tipped band Bears In Trees have pooled their many talents to create the up-tempo banger that is No Point Pretending (Song For Tour), out via Hopeless Records today.

As well as demonstrating their combined songwriting skills, No Point Pretending (Song For Tour) showcases two fresh musical forces pushing themselves into exciting new areas. Along with exploring coming-of-age frustrations, the nostalgic pop punk track touches upon dealing with the fear of commitment in a world of endless opportunities. The push and pull between a rebellious younger self and the urge to mature and move forward in life, describes a familiar journey many young adults can resonate with.

Speaking about the release, Noah says: No Point Pretending (Song For Tour) is about feeling a bit lost in life and trying to unpack the fear of having to choose a path to follow. It’s about understanding the existential dizziness of freedom when you feel the clock ticking. Bears In Trees & I toured together in the past and are good friends now so when the idea of touring came up, the idea of writing a song together also came up! We thought it’d be a fun thing to do and we’re also planning on playing it together on tour! Also it was the first time either me or Bears In Trees had written a collaboration song like this so we were definitely in new territory. It was fun for me to write with a band since I’m used to writing all the instrumental parts myself so it was nice to see how other people write together — sonically this song is a good blend of both mine and Bears In Trees sound.

Following a successful tour supporting Enter Shikari across the UK, Noah gears up for his upcoming US headline tour with Bears In Trees and Action/Adventure in April and May before returning to the UK to play Slam Dunk Festival on May 27th.  

NOAHFINNCE is the alias of Noah Adams, a voice for a generation who are fed up of being told how to be. A virtuoso performer (he plays drums, guitar, bass, ukulele and sings), NOAHFINNCE is ready to flip off tradition and any roles that society expects him to fulfill, and instead continues to champion authenticity and self-expression. He brings a refreshing new energy to the world of alternative rock and pop punk with his punchy anthems as well as establishing himself as a prominent figure within the online LGBTQ+ community. Having amassed over 850,000 YouTube subscribers, over 650,000 TikTok followers and over 350,000 Instagram followers, in addition to winning the 2022 Blogosphere Award for “Vlogger of the year”, Noah brings his own alternative and no-nonsense takes on LGBTQ+ issues. Noah has been featured on the cover of Rock Sound, Upset, and Gay Times ‘Amplify’.