NIGHT LASER sign to SPV / Steamhammer

NIGHT LASER signs with Steamhammer/SPV

Shows scheduled for summer/autumn 2022

New album out in spring 2023

In Hamburg’s heavy glam metal act Night Laser, Steamhammer/SPV have signed one of the most committed and hard-working German bands around right now. Founded in 2014, the quartet surrounding brothers Benno and Robert Hankers (vocals and bass) has released three studio albums to date and garnered an outstanding reputation as a live act at home and abroad.

Night Laser have already played more than 180 shows, having been to England three times, toured Italy and the Benelux countries and delivered an awesome performance at the renowned Summer Breeze 2018. More recently, Night Laser were on a major European tour alongside DeVicious and Black Tiger in April 2022, with more shows scheduled for the coming months. Simultaneously, the musicians have started to write songs for their upcoming studio album, which is scheduled for release in spring 2023. “But there’ll probably be a lead single at the end of 2022,” says bassist Robert Hankers, already promising new material.

For him and his brother, signing the contract has been a real stroke of luck: “Lots of my favourite bands, like Freedom Call and The Unity, are with Steamhammer/SPV. This makes us even more thrilled to have signed with such a legendary label, where we feel we’re in perfect hands stylistically.”

Steamhammer label manager Olly Hahn is also pleased about this successful coup: “We’re proud and delighted to have enlisted Night Laser, one of the currently most committed new German metal bands, who have already proven their outstanding potential many times over with furioso live shows and three great studio albums. We look forward to a promising and fruitful collaboration.”

Photo from left to right:

Frank Uhle (managing director SPV), Benno Hankers (vocals, Night Laser), Olly Hahn (label manager Steamhammer), Robert Hankers (bass, Night Laser)

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