NAGA SIREN – THE LAST TIME feat. Mike Hayden – Out JUNE 30th

NAGA SIREN – THE LAST TIME feat. Mike Hayden
JUNE 30th

Taking the best from their American pop rock-influences and merging it with their roots in Norwegian hardcore, Naga Siren is back with their sixth single of the year in six months;
“The Last Time”!

Following the same thematic notions as the previous singles,
This track and album signifies a journey of letting go of remorse and mistakes, and truly setting yourself on the podium for everyone to audit.

Singer Emil Odd Solbakken states:
“I`ve never been this specific and personal as I am on this record.
Most of the songs are written in I- and conversation-form, painting very detailed pictures of true happenings through my life, and the way I see myself from third-perspective” 

FFO: Paramore, Ondt Blod, Sibiir, Four Year Strong

Committed to release one song a month through 2023 truly shows Naga Siren’s dedication;
“We wanted each song on the album to shine, and get a chance to engage our fans more than just releasing an album, then disappear again. This year has been amazing, as all of our singles are gaining national traction and getting listed on the radio.  It really feels like we`re expanding our territory, and showing that were not stuck on an old path”

“The Last Time” is also the opening track of the bands upcoming album,  “Sea Of Myself”, which will include a minimum of 9 tracks and several features.

About Mike Hayden vocal feature:
“As our music has traveled further this year, we have gotten to know some really talented and cool people outside of Norway. One of those is Mike Hayden from Lastelle, an insane drummer we first got to know through TikTok. Oddly enough his band was recording with our technician Simon Jackman at the time we`re finishing the single, so we just had to ask if he wanted to join in on the fun.
He said yes, and we are truly honored to collab with him” 

Mike Hayden is the drummer and co-vocalist for Lastelle, who`s fresh out from touring with both Acres and Caskets.

Emil Odd Solbakken – Vocals
Oliver David Kimmel – Guitar
Tarjei Kristoffersen – Guitar
Erik Fossmo – Bass
Steffen Landerud – Drums

Naga Siren from Norway started out as a simple and brutal project that just kept
on evolving in their quest of finding the perfect blend between Scandinavian hardcore and their American influences.

«Over time the pieces have slowly fallen into place and with help from the renowned Norwegian producer Yngve Andersen of Blood Command, the band has since been releasing Stadium Ready Ragers» – BrooklynVegan.

On their sophomore album it seems like the sirens have found their true colors by merging hardcore with American pop-punk in the likes of Paramore.
A mix of genres very few acts from Norway has been able to produce successfully.
Through honest, emotional & aching lyrics they’re able to win over any crowd they’re put in front of.

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