A new album can be glimpsed in the horizon as Naga Siren finally returns with new music; their first track since the immensely catchy single Carry On (2021)
January 19th, 2023, the band release their most anticipated track to date!
With Cut & Run the band shows that they are more than «just a hardcore band».Heavily inspired by the likes of pop-punk giants Paramore mixed with their unmistakable
«Scandi-Core» sound the musical evolution of Naga Siren has reached its destination for their sophomore album.
Cut & Run is a beast of a track where vocalist Emil Solbakken seems to have evolved from the `scream-your-lungs-out` archetype to a matured and honest songwriter more than capable of controlling clean-vocals without losing his grit. Accompanied by a wall of melodic guitars and fast-paced drums Cut & Run is infused with power & emotion.
Vocalist Emil Odd Solbakken states:
«The only goal of ours as a band has been to keep evolving.
As the founder and main producer of our records, my desire is to make every release unique by showing and giving hints to what’s important to me personally in that time. Cut & Run is the result of finally being able to forget the past and focus on what is now, challenge myself as a songwriter to produce the same amount of energy through better melodies and catchier riffs»

FFO: Paramore, Ondt Blod, Sibiir, Four Year Strong

Emil Odd Solbakken – Vocals
Oliver David Kimmel – Guitar
Tarjei Kristoffersen – Guitar
Erik Fossmo – Bass
Steffen Landerud – Drums
Naga Siren from Norway started out as a simple and brutal project that just kept
on evolving in their quest of finding the perfect blend between Scandinavian hardcore and their American influences.

«Over time the pieces have slowly fallen into place and with help from the renowned Norwegian producer Yngve Andersen of Blood Command, the band has since been releasing Stadium Ready Ragers»– BrooklynVegan.
On their sophomore album it seems like the sirens have found their true colors by merging hardcore with American pop-punk in the likes of Paramore.
A mix of genres very few acts from Norway has been able to produce successfully.
Through honest, emotional & aching lyrics they`re able to win over any crowd they`re put in front of.


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