Myriad Things Premiere Second Single ‘10,000 Miles Away’


As the opening notes from Jonnie Rice’s guitar line ring out to Myriad Things second single ‘10,000 Miles Away’ you’re instantly transported to lazy summers spent staring out over the steering wheel on some long winding coastal road. Or waning the days away with friends around a fire as the sun disappears from sight, washing the night in hazy warm amber tones promising these times will never end in an infinite horizon.


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The spirit and heart of the 70’s rock is alive and well in Myriad Things. Forming in 2018 and just beginning to creep out of their shag carpet-covered van for gigs at the beginning of 2020 the band were forced to give their tube amps an extended rest as the world was plunged into lockdown. During the pandemic, the band continued to tend the flame and took every legal opportunity to get back together and burn those tubes again! The band are made up of Jonnie Rice on guitar and vocals, Brendy Doran on bass and Jimmy McCrory on drums. This power trio make a gargantuan sound far beyond the sum of their parts.

Debut single ‘Let It Come Down” caught the attention of Hot Press, RTE, Rock ‘N’ Load, Red Mountain Radio and was launched with a sold-out show at the American Bar in Belfast.

Following on from the success of their muscular first single ‘Let It Come Down’ the band now offer up ‘10,000 Miles Away’ a song with a decidedly different flavour, trading muscular fuzzed-out riffs and face-melting solos for a transportive groove. Opening with the delayed notes of Jonnie Rice’s guitar, already creating a sense of space and echoed reflections, the track builds by adding Jimmy McCrory’s drums, providing the forward motion that drives the track. It’s when Brendy Doran’s bass comes in that ‘10,000 Miles Away’ becomes fully realised, adding the groove to the track that will inevitably have your head and hips moving in equal measure. Lyrically rather than offer a narrative Jonnie conjures up polaroid-like images of adventure ‘How far to Avalon?’ and surrealist sways ‘Look over yonder, what do I see?/Can that old boat be sailing after me?’. The track moves like a sidewinder cutting a path across the sands, smooth and easy moving freely from one part to another and full of ear candy for those that choose to tune in and drop out with the headphones on.


Myriad Things seamlessly blend heavy rock, desert rock, funk and psychedelia in this new track, proving they’re far from a one trick pony of heavy riff rock. Their unique alchemy comes in combining these influences into something fresh, contemporary and exciting. ’10,000 Miles Away’ is the sound of a band opening up creatively, utilising vocal harmonies, additional percussion and sounds to bring the track to life. Not constrained by convention or expectation Myriad Things play to no gods or masters instead choosing to cut their own path, driving at the sun, windows down, stereo up.

‘10,000 MIles Away’ is out November 18th

“Think Led Zeppelin after experiencing a draining pandemic.”

Hot Press


Myriad Things in the ‘Ones to watch’”



“A glorious trip.”

Daily Mirror NI



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