Myriad Things Release Exciting Debut Single ‘Let It Come Down’

The spirit and heart of the 70’s rock is alive and well in Myriad Things. Forming in 2018 and just beginning to creep out of their shag carpet covered van for gigs at the beginning of 2020 the band were forced to give their tube amps an extended rest as the world was plunged into lockdown. During the pandemic the band continued to tend the flame and took every legal opportunity to get back together and burn those tubes again! It was during this time that the band crafted their muscular debut single ‘Let It Come Down’. The band are made up of Jonnie Rice on guitar and vocals, Brendy Doran on bass and Jimmy McCrory on drums. This power trio make a gargantuan sound far beyond the sum of their parts.

Let It Come Down’ has all the swagger of Robert Plant is his Zeppelin hay-day, gently teased intro of a cocked-wah guitar riff before the band join in, each on their own musical exploration. It’s the sound of a band completely locked into each other, having spent countless hours locked in the practice room jamming, subconsciously aware of the other players nuances and cues, each giving way to another blistering lead or breaking it down to let the song breath. This is no meandering jam though, the riffy verse gives way to a stadium sized chorus with Jonnie beckoning an invisible force to ‘let it come down!’ A refrain of defiance and unwavering self-belief. There are crowds just waiting to sing this refrain back at the band.  Brendy Doran’s bass playing acts as a melodic counterpart to Jonnie’s Blue Cheer-esque vocals while Jimmy McCrory’s drums drive the track forward, keeping the band locked is as Jonnie’s guitar screams a flurry of notes.


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Myriad Things offer a fresh take on what otherwise might be a tried and tested approach, for every riff or solo there are vocal hooks and melodic hooks that will bury their way into your brain and live there for weeks. An almost pop sensibility brought to the altar of heavy 70’s rock with a tinge of funk thrown in. The band live up to their name sake, their alchemy comes in combining these influences into something fresh, contemporary and exciting. ‘Let It Come Down’ is an anthem that screams out of the stacks backed by thunderous drums and smooth, phat bass. Maybe it’s time for another Woodstock?