Is Back With A Brand New Live Show.

If Ever We Needed It…

Micky’s been double busy writing the new show and it’s already proved a hit with fans, he’s even been doing matinees.
#mickyflanagan absolutely brilliant in Southend this afternoon on his warm up show – you’re in for a treat ! @MickyF_Official

The boy’s as funny as hell and it’s only the warm-up shows #iknowitsanemptystage

Just got back from seeing Micky Flanagan pre tour show in Blackpool. Ridiculously funny! If that’s a warm-up, the tour will be hysterical!

The current run of shows starts in Bournemouth on 15th March and includes Dublin, Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds and finishes in London on 13th May.   The show covers Micky turning 60 – who’d have thought it? – as well as having sex with your glasses on, his school alumni and his ballbag. It’s fair to say it’s for over-16s.

He’s the man who gave Britain the “Out Out” phrase, which was used by Piccadilly Circus tube to put a smile on commuters’ faces as we came out out of Lockdown and went on to be used by TFL to encourage people back into theatres, restaurants and clubs.  Micky cut his comedy teeth at these clubs and it clearly paid off.

His routines online, including the Perks of Peeping, The Shits Abroad, The Crafty Cockney, The Demise of Fingering, Tomato Sauce and Chicken Children, have been viewed in the hundred millions, and are a huge hit on TikTok. He keeps us laughing through the tough times – and if ever we needed it, it’s now!
Shakes the rafters with laughter’ Evening Standard
The country’s most popular comic’ The Guardian
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Tickets on sale 10am Saturday 25th February 2023