MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO & MERZBOW | ‘Extinct’ – UK industrial breakbeat meets Japanese noise on collab album out 26.04.24



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“We may not speak the same language, but in the vortex of sound there is a raw, primal understanding that transcends words. Noise can be art – a visual representation could perhaps be Jackson Pollock’s ‘No. 5, 1948’ – a plexus of chaos redefining what music can and could be. Pushing boundaries with Masami wasn’t just a musical adventure, it was a masterclass in sonic anarchy.”

Cold Spring is proud to present a unique collaboration between Industrial Breakbeat pioneers Meat Beat Manifesto (Jack Dangers) and the undisputed king of Japanese noise, Merzbow (Masami Akita). ‘EXTINCT’ sees the duo take listeners on a transcendental journey, focusing on the dismantling of beat and structure and recycling the result through layers of beautifully crafted noise and feedback loops, giving birth to new rhythms buried deep in the dirt.

The 20 minute opener ‘¡FLAKKA!’ takes constantly evolving breakbeats which are gradually broken down over time, driven through a filter of harsh noise, destroying the old to give birth to the new. Raw and unforgiving, the track is a behemoth that blends mutant forms of broken beats and hints of dub, creating rhythmic noise of the highest calibre in the process.

‘BURNER’ takes the record to its ultimate conclusion, the initial drum beat broken down so that it is barely recognisable. Pulsating distortion and high end audio fragments bleed into each other as the track lumbers forth and destroys everything in its path before slowly unravelling, degrading and falling apart.

A harrowing yet somewhat cathartic trip through walls of harsh industrial noise and audio degradation, ‘Extinct’ is a masterful pairing of artists who have delivered something truly unique yet totally relevant. Don’t sleep on this one!

(Text by Todd Robinson / Subunit)

Meat Beat Manifesto is an Industrial, Electronic, Experimental group originally consisting of Jack Dangers and Jonny Stephens that was formed in 1987 in Swindon. Fronted by Dangers (the only permanent member), MBM have proven versatile, experimenting with techno, breakbeat, industrial, dub and jazz fusion while touring the world and influencing major acts such as Nine Inch Nails, Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy. Some of the band’s earlier work has been credited with influencing the rise of the trip hop, big beat and drum & bass genres.

Merzbow is Masami Akita, ‘the King of Japanese Noise’. Born in 1956 in Tokyo, he formed the premier Japanoise group Merzbow in 1979, and has released over 400 albums to date. Akita has worked with many different media, both in a directorial and soundtrack role. He has also developed performance works and art installations involving Butoh dance and other Japanese cultural forms. Merzbow has collaborated with many of today’s most important recording artists and continues to be one of the most prolific musicians alive. The name is derived from Kurt Schwitters’s artwork ‘Merzbau’, and is pronounced the same way.

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