Leonov – Norwegian Post-Doom Collective Announce New Album “Procession”

Leonov – Norwegian Post-Doom Collective Announce New Album “Procession”
Premiere Music Video For The Title Track Via Heavy Blog Is Heavy

Five long years following the release of their critically lauded second album “Wake”, Oslo’s post-metal collective Leonov are ready to rain down some new hauntingly beautiful and meditative post-metal anthems.

The band’s new album “Procession” is set to be released on November 24th via Vinter Records and sees Leonov blending razor sharp, cold progressiveness with heartfelt warm passages, giving their songs an eerie and cinematic, almost otherworldly feel to it. It is the sound of a world collapsing. Pre-orders are now available at this location.

A music video for the title track is now playing at Heavy Blog Is Heavy, who had this to say about the track “It strikes that balance I love between dark atmosphere and meaty delivery, reminding us that melancholy almost always has an edge and that exploring that edge makes for great music.”

Watch “Procession” music video here.

The band says: “Procession is the rarest case of an up-tempo Leonov song, still uniquely and recognizably us. It deals with matters of unity and multiplicity, the individual and the group. Autonomy and nihilism on one hand; purpose and constraint on the other.
All is ready, they are waiting
Herd is gathered, pace is set.
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