Italian Death Metal Band SONUM Sign With Wormholedeath & Release ‘The Poison We Create’ Single





Italian Death Metal Band SONUM have signed a licensing deal with Wormholedeath for their album “Visceral Void Entropy”, which is due for release on July 8th, 2022.

Signing statement:
We’ve spent the last two years working hard, refining the compositional method, curating lyrics, sounds, arrangements and making sure our music reflects as truthfully as possible what the SONUM project is at its core. When you find someone who believes so much in your work to decide to become your partner is a wonderful thing, and this is what Wormholedeath has set out to do. For us, signing the contract is undoubtedly the culmination of a journey, but it is also the beginning of a new adventure, one that will hopefully be fruitful.

The band, talking about the album, said, “VISCERAL VOID ENTHROPY” is the culmination of two years of work, a musical path that has taken shape. If on paper what will be published will be to all intents and purposes a debut album, for us it will represent the point of arrival of an evolution started in the ep “Monolithic”, with its cathy reminiscences, passed through the mini “Divide et Impera”, in which the musical development has become more complex and intricate, and culminated in nine tracks composed and assembled to drag the listener into an infinite oblivion, in an abyss with no exit. As we wanted to write in our biography, the starting point is always Death Metal but without ever renouncing to the widening of musical horizons, fearlessly drawing on solutions typical of prog, rather than psychedelia or post-rock, moving away from the most traditional stylistic elements of the genre. Between moments of controlled and reasoned violence, we let ourselves go to explosions of savagery, but also to moments of respite, of apparent calm or icy quiet, constantly impregnating the record with a “pleasant” restlessness…we hope that listeners can appreciate.”

• OBSCURITY, RAGE, DISSONANCE, DOOM • From a Death Metal base, exploring new dimensions of extreme Metal universe, feeding up sadness and wickedness… The line up is made up of experienced musicians who joined the project after years spent playing in other bands. After two EPs, (“Monolithic” 2020 and “Divide et Impera” 2021) in which the compositional approach and sound performances have evolved and matured, the character of the band finally takes shape on 9-track-debut album “VISCERAL VOID ENTROPY”, The main influences are linked to bands such as Nero di Marte, Ulcerate, Deathspell Omega, Gorguts, Execration…but there are also references to other genres, like Doom/Psychrock for some atmospheres or Avant-garde classical music of Stockhausen, Penderecki and Mussorgsky in the orchestrations/arrangements and in the interludes.

SONUM are:
Fla – Voice
Lele – Guitars
Minkio – Guitars
Thomas – Bass
Checco – Drums

“Visceral Void Entropy” cover & tracklist



01 The Poison We Create
02 Come Back From The Pyre
03 The Call
04 Feel Them Breathe
05 Iconoclast
06 Bury My Body Here
07 I Am Destruction
08 Desolation
09 New Omega

To celebrate the occasion SONUM have released the single for “The Poison We Create”


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