Danish Modern Metal Sensation URBAN PRIMATE Sign With Wormholedeath




Urban Primate is a modern and intense metal band with the ability and eagerness to implement a variety of elements from hard rock, 90’ies grunge rock, and heavy metal to deliver a solid and holistic metal experience.
They have signed a licensing deal with Wormholedeath for the reissue of their album Desolation, which will be re-released on July 29th, 2022.

The band speaking about the collaboration with Wormholedeath stated:
We are very excited to sign with Wormholedeath and a family of very talented bands. This is a group of very skilled and passionate people who loves music and share the same values as us. After many great conversations with the owner Carlo Belotti, we truly believe that Wormholedeath is the right place to develop our music and to form a great partnership for the future. Wormholedeath will release and distribute our album “Desolation” and we are really looking forward to collaborating with WHD

Urban Primate was first formed in 2010 and consisted at that time of five dedicated members, who wrote and released the band’s first album “Urban Primate” in 2010. The album was the band’s first touch into the Danish Hardrock scene and made the way for a variety of gigs in Denmark. This first album was heavily inspired by bands such as Filter, Alice in chains, Queens of the Stone Age, Foo fighter, etc. The vocals and melodies always had a huge role in Urban Primates’ production and on this first full album, Benjamin Larsen drew references to vocalists like Richard Patrick, Layne Staley, and Chester Bennington. Urban Primate played several venues in Denmark from 2010 to 2012. Over the years the band changed members a few times with only Benjamin, Christian, and Jakob as ongoing members of the group.
In 2011 the band once again went to the studio to record an EP with five tracks. The EP changed the band’s focus from a softer hard-rock band to a more crunchy metal sound. The EP was more aggressive, the vocals harder, and the beats faster and more hard-hitting.
In 2012 the band split up and Urban Primate was finally shut down. Yet, in the summer of 2020, the band members felt it was time to revive Urban Primate. In the middle of the worldwide covid-19 pandemic, the band started rehearsals and shortly after released their first single, “My Terror Calling” – a song heavily inspired by 2000’s nu-metal and grunge, after eight years of silence. The band released their 2nd full-length album DESOLATION I 2021. Yet again the band’s focus had changed and the style was now even more inspired by the late 90’ies grunge combined with a more modern metal sound. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Nicklas Sonne, Sonne studios, giving the band a deeper and more modern sound to their music.
In march 2022 Urban Primate joined forces with the Italian label WORMHOLEDEATH. A strong and dedicated partnership focused on introducing Urban Primates music worldwide.
Urban Primate is at the moment working on new songs for an upcoming album.

Line up:
Benjamin Askholm Larsen – Vocals
Christian Kofod Christiansen – Guitars
Pawel Jackowski – Guitars
Martin Olsen – Bass
Jakob Andresen – Drums

Cover & Tracklist


1. Desolate
2. Wont Follow
3. Lesson
4. Breathe
5. A Sacrifice
6. Belong
7. Lies
8. Walk Away
9. Let Go
10. Home
11. Left Open

Check out the audiostream video for “Belong”:


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