Internal Organs External – US Brutal Death-Metal Project Announce New Album ‘The Brutality of Tomorrow’

Internal Organs External – US Brutal Death-Metal Project Announce New Album ‘The Brutality of Tomorrow’
Unleash New Track “Cybernetic Rebirth”
Internal Organs External, the one-man brutal death metal project from Prescott, Arizona USA, created by multi-instrumentalist Vince Otero is back with a new full-length album titled “The Brutality of Tomorrow”, which is now set for release on September 30th via Vicious Instinct Records.

The follow-up to his 2021’s EP “Apocalyptic Domination” sees Vince taking the project into a whole new level of brutality, maturity, and diversity. Darker, more diverse, and atmospheric, yet still downright heavy and hideously brutal, Internal Organs External have unleashed their most accomplished effort to date. Pre-orders are now available at this location.

Vince had this to say about the new album: “I am excited about how ‘The Brutality of Tomorrow’ turned out! After I finished the last EP ‘Apocalyptic Domination’, it was clear that I wanted to move in a different direction. I was happy with the EP, but I decided I wanted to try and make something more unique this time around. After finishing the EP, I took about 6 months off from listening to slam and pretty much any heavy music, and I think that helped me reset and see things in another light. When I finally sat down and started writing music again, everything came together so well, and it was clear what I wanted to do with this album. I was able to mix several different genres including deathcore, beatdown, black metal, and of course, slamming death metal, but I think the thing that really sets this album apart is the inclusion of electronic sounds.”

“The main vocal style has been changed in a way to fit the music better, and the range of vocal styles has broadened as well.” He adds “I hope people love it, all I know is that I put more work and am prouder of this album than anything I’ve ever made!”

Check out album’s leading single “Cybernetic Rebirth” here.