Experimental post-hardcore band SOBRIQUET release new track ‘Heliotrope’ with music video

Experimental post-hardcore band SOBRIQUET release new track
‘Heliotrope’ with music video

Video: YT


From the upcoming EP
‘Apotheosis’ – 
Out 02/09

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Experimental post-hardcore five-piece Sobriquet have released new track ‘Heliotrope’ alongside a music video. ‘Heliotrope’ is the third track from their upcoming EP ‘Apotheosis’, out 2nd September (self-release).

‘Heliotrope had the hardest gestation period of any of the tracks on the new record,” explains vocalist Ludovico Fahey. “It is the melodic centrepiece of the track sequence, and we went through at least three finished versions before we landed on the final version that’s on the record,” he adds. Lyrically, the track is about overcoming self doubt and references David Lynch’s ideas on the creative process.

The accompanying music video, directed by guitarist Tom Green-Morgan, sees the band going bigger on the production scale and even building their own set. “We tried to push the style established on the previous two videos; ‘Death of the Author’ and ‘Divine’, in the realms of glitch, effects-heavy video,” says Tom. “The song itself has a kind of slow-burning intensity, and the shimmering vertical lines are intended to reflect that intesity visually. The result is a video that expands the visual world we are trying to build.”

A visceral marriage of experimental hardcore, choral vocals, and moody atmospherics, Sobriquet’s new EP ‘Apotheosis’ is the band’s defining statement so far, and one that proves them impossible to categorise. The upcoming EP sets out the band’s cohesive aesthetic vision, rooted in liturgical imagery, cult film, and late 90s hardcore.

Recorded with Lewis Johns at The Ranch, Southampton, ‘Apotheosis’ tells stories centered around the theme of metamorphosis and auto-evolution. The journey begins with the protagonist’s discovery of the self, then follows a downward spiral of doubt and frustration. Emerging out of this sea of despair, the protagonist breaks out of their self-imposed cocoon with a newfound passion and rage in the form of self-love, before finally culminating in ultimate enlightenment and ego death as they ascend to find their answer to their reason for living.

Sheffield-based Sobriquet have honed their unique sound through the release of two EPs; ‘A Hundred Thousand Tongues’ (2020) and ‘Akeldama’ (2017), and played their intensely volatile live sets alongside some of the underground’s brightest rock stars including Loathe, Palm Reader, and Heriot.

1. Death Of The Author
2. Grief Seed
3. Heliotrope
4. The Dark, The Light, The Void
5. Divine
6. The Tower

01/10 – Louis Marchesi, Norwich
02/10 – Little Buildings, Newcastle
18/11 – The Shed, Leicester

Ludovico Fahey (vocals)
Tom Green-Morgan (guitar)
Jake Askew (guitar)
Michael Chilton (bass)
James Turner (drums)