Herman Li (DragonForce) and Tim Henson (Polyphia) discuss the challenges of being Asian in the metal community

Herman Li (DragonForce) and Tim Henson (Polyphia) discuss the challenges of being Asian in the metal community: “I have a difficult time expressing emotion in general”, says Tim Henson, regarding recent Guitar.com interview controversy

In a recent “Shred Talk”-episode with Polyphia’s Tim Henson, DragonForce’s Herman Li addressed the Guitar.com controversy, setting the record straight about Tim’s “unwaveringly flat tone” and the challenges of being Asian in the metal community:

–Herman Li: “I was reading an article at Guitar.com, and…they kind of said you talk in a flat voice, with no emotion, and things like that – I feel like they didn’t understand your Asian side a bit…I can be pretty blunt and pretty flat tone…”

–Tim Henson: “That’s definitely part of my upbringing…I have a difficult time expressing emotion in general…Now if I’m doing interviews, via zoom, I make sure that I’m ready, presentable, and I turn my camera on, and try to be a little bit chipper. To avoid getting done dirty like that, just for speaking.”

Watch the full interview at: https://youtu.be/Lf6b0NWSFCs?t=1203 – with this topic being discussed at the 20-minute mark.

About DragonForce and Herman Li:

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