Glasgow Indie Rockers NewTown To Release Rousing New Single ‘Sail Away’

NewTown – ‘Sail Away’

Emerging from the rain-sodden streets of Glasgow, four-piece NewTown relish in an idiosyncratic brand of upbeat indie pop that provides the perfect antithesis to the trademark city from which they take their name.

Three and a half minutes of spacious and atmospheric indie that’s as optimistic as it is anthemic, their debut release ‘Sail Away’ is a release made for this summer’s festival stages.

“This song is about what everybody else thinks of your relationship. It’s about knowing some things are bad for you but you keep going back despite what others might think” explains vocalist David James. “It’s the acceptance that you know it’s not good for your mental health but love triumphs over all other feelings. It’s about seeing all the good and blocking out the bad.”

It’s a familiar story to any of us, and testament as to the kind of anthemic, relatable rock that NewTown are making. And with the rest of the year shaping up nicely for them, including an appearance at King Tuts Summer Nights, a number of shows across the country, as well as an EP release on the horizon, it’s clear you’ll be hearing much more from them soon.

NewTown are

  • David James (Vocals, Guitar)

  • Kieran Smith (Writer Guitar)

  • Rob Haggerty (Bass)

  • Euan Mcalonan (Drums)