German Thrash Metal Heroes DESTRUCTION Surprise with Official Music Video for “Tormented Soul”


Thrash Metal Legends DESTRUCTION Excite with Official Music Video for “Tormented Soul” | Watch the Brand New Music Video HERE!

Taken From Latest Album, Diabolical | Get Your Copy HERE!

[photo credit: Lena Mischuk]

Time flies! Looking back at the last year, vicious thrash metal legends DESTRUCTION saw many successes, celebrating their 40th anniversary with the release of their impressive latest full-length record, Diabolical. Catapulting you straight into the seventh heaven of metallic bliss, their incredible 15th studio album brings out a heavy artillery full of honest and uncompromising thrash metal – a massacre of razor-sharp sound no fan of the genre should miss!

Able to travel the globe again, DESTRUCTION shared stages at the world’s biggest festivals like HellfestGraspop and México Metal Fest – which can now be seen in the new official music video for “Tormented Soul”. Capturing every single fan, DESTRUCTION brings you right back to the summer of metal ‘22!

DESTRUCTION about the new video:
“The enthusiasm, energy and euphoria of the Latin American Metal crowds are legendary meanwhile all around the globe. That is the reason why we have filmed the new video clip for ‘Tormented Soul’ in the middle of our Latin American Attack tour, at the Mexico Metal Fest! It was always a dream to do this and of course the fans did not disappoint: they are the star of this oldschool music video – dive into the stamina and the lunacy of a dedicated hispanic crowd! This is METAL – this is WHY we do this!“

Watch the fiery music video for “Tormented Soul” HERE:

Delivering the most brutal thrash metal for over 40 years!

Boasting the band’s highest German chart entry ever at #12, Diabolical kicks off with the charging start of opener “Under The Spell“. DESTRUCTION shows no mercy on title track “Diabolical“, with raging drums, bloodthirsty riffs and hellish vocals that sink deep down into your bones. “No Faith In Humanity” relentlessly rages on with non-stop headbanging action, while DESTRUCTION continues to smash eardrums on “Hope Dies Last” – providing unbeatable brutality with unstoppable speed, destructive verses and screeching voices. “Tormented Soul“, on the other hand, is loaded with proper heavy metal and explosive drums. The grand finale of the 47-minute parade of devastation is provided by cover track “City Baby Attacked By Rats“, originally by GBH, guaranteeing whiplash by combining rough hardcore punk with brute thrash metal.

DESTRUCTION riffkiller Martin Furia about the new record:
Diabolical is an album of extremes, everything is more brutal and more technical but at the same time more melodic and to the point. It’s a pure and devastating DESTRUCTION album with no gimmicks, full of power and adrenaline. I’m excited for what the future is bringing and can’t wait to play the new songs live!”

Get your copy of Diabolical HERE:

Diabolical track listing:
1. Under The Spell
2. Diabolical
3. No Faith In Humanity
4. Repent Your Sins
5. Hope Dies Last
6. The Last Of A Dying Breed
7. State Of Apathy
8. Tormented Soul
9. Servant Of The Beast
10. The Lonely Wolf
11. Ghost From The Past
12. Whorefication
13. City Baby Attacked By RatsDiabolical is available in various formats in different territories, including a digital album and CD (bundled with a t-shirt + an exclusive “Mad Butcher”-bust), 1LP gatefold editions in black, crystal clear, marbled yellow/red!

[1LP Gatefold Curacao Product Mockup]
Schmier – Bass, Vocals
Martin Furia – Guitars
Randy Black – Drums
Damir Eskić – GuitarsDESTRUCTION online:
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