Feather Trade / Big Nobody Single / Leeds + Manchester shows







Watch the video for BIG NOBODY here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_vfB42RSBY


A dark and cerebral trio …” VIVE LE ROCK MAGAZINE

Brash and unapologetic; delightfully gargantuan guitar riffs …” DUMBSTRUCK MAGAZINE

Feather Trade are the very essence of why you should always catch the support act …” THE PUNK SITE

Feather Trade is the dark horse that Athens needs; this is a band that is aggressive and straight forward, not some simple cookie-cutter group trying to make shallow radio hits” DELAMURE MUSIC


Their moody, black post-punk reverberates so clearly; Feather Trade have never looked, strutted and sounded more like bona fide rock stars” COLLAPSE BOARD

Manchester via Athens, Georgia trio FEATHER TRADE have released their new single, BIG NOBODY, ahead of two special UK shows. The single takes up the narrative of their previous two singles, Dead Boy and Just Like Film, championing the underdog whilst railing at the commercialisation of art. The single comes with an accompanying video directed by Pete Tomkies.


To coincide with the release, Feather Trade will play Leeds Boom on Friday 14 July as part of the Goth City 7 festival, and the historic Manchester Niamos Theatre on Sunday 16 July. The theatre, which also serves as the band’s rehearsal space, has been graced by the presence of legendary acts over the years including Nina Simone and The Beatles, who played one of their earliest non-Liverpool shows there, and is renowned for its architecture and beauty. The building, which has been used as an all-inclusive cultural arts and creative space for many years, remains under threat due to the gentrification of listed buildings to be converted into apartments.


Leeds tickets: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/goth-city-7-to-live-and-die-in-ls-tickets-516080399367

Manchester tickets: https://www.wegottickets.com/event/586005





Feather Trade cross boundaries with an integrity and raw, passionate honesty that’s quietly vanishing across the musical landscape. Their songs are rallying calls to the disenfranchised, the politically and sexually marginalised, and to anyone watching in dismay as the commodification of society, and the arts in particular, gathers pace. There is a timelessness to their sound – the white noise fury of Nirvana; the shimmering dark beauty of The Chameleons; the angular, art-punk world view captured by Pixies. Yet the band remain firmly rooted in today’s struggles, writing deeply personal elegies that resonate with those navigating their way through our current confusions and challenges. Their sound is totally immersive; their message totally for us all.


Having previously toured with bands such as The Soft Moon, Deerhoof, Daniel Johnston, Florence and the Machine, the Maccabees and Spear Of Destiny, more recently Feather Trade were invited to play the legendary Leeds Futurama Festival in 2021 alongside the likes of The Blinders and Peter Hook and The Light, before a successful UK tour in 2022 gained the band new followers wherever they played.


The Dead Boy single was released in October 2022 to much praise for its sharp, focused melody and heart-melting anger and honesty, Just Like Film followed in March 2023 to a similar reception, and Big Nobody completes the trilogy. Feather Trade are currently recording their debut album, The Sound Of Broken Worlds, with US producer Matt Yelton (Pixies, Frank Black & The Catholics).





Created or destroyed by crucial influence, each person’s world is a lifetime searching for meaning and reconstruction. They push through the strata – anger, grief, fear, shame, loss – fueling the desire for absolution and certainty. Some find it in religion. Some find it in drugs. Some find it in sex. Feather Trade brought the flames to one another. We scream in the darkness, the echoes giving black shape in sound. A fight with cancer. Watching a loved one’s descent into schizophrenia. Losing it all to fire. The unceasing longing to seal the fissure of three broken words.



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