Exhorder // Defectum Omnium // Album Review


One of the heaviest groove merchants that ever were are back with their fourth instalment, yes fourth hard to believe seeing as they have been around since God was a boy, and it is some of their finest work, others will moan and say they are ripping off Pantera, but I say fuck the begrudgers as this is the album you all need for 2024, it has all the elements you need, thrash, metal, punk and a healthy dollop of southern groove, to make this a classic.

Opening with “Wrath Of Prophecies”, a thrasher that smashes you right in the mouth and sets the tone for the album, it’s frantic, it’s heavy but most of all it’s fantastic, seesawing from breakneck speed to a slower breakdown at the chorus this is killer. “Under The Gaslight” opens with a massive bass line that rumbles underneath throughout; with Thomas’ growling vocals, much like Chuck Billy, it sets a very ominous tone, brilliant guitar work from Pat O’Brien put icing on the cake for this one. “Forever And Beyond Despair” flys out of the traps with a barrage of drums and crushing riffs as Thomas roars his way through the track, it dips a little around the midpoint with  a heavy groove coming in before it ratchets up again, O’Brien’ ’solo towards the end is killer, this is not for the feint-of-heart,”The Tale Of  Unsound Minds”  is heavy as fuck, Thomas’ vocals on this one are fucking brilliant, the man is a genius, and the lightening quick solo from O’Brien is off the chain, this one that simplyly amazing.

“Divide And Conquer” picks the pace up with a short but sweet banger, crunching riffs, a thumping bass and a blistering drum beat creates a magnificent wall of sound for Thomas to bounce his snarling vocals off. Continuing the sonic onslaught is “Year Of The Goat”, another powerful barnstormer; chugging riffs and a heavy drum beat drive this one, Thomas’ vocals are full of aggression and match the song perfectly, one of the best tracks on the album. “Taken By Flames” lures you in with a doomy opening before exploding into life with savage riffs and a drum beat that is insane from Horn as Thomas roars through it all, O’Brien’s shredding is next level with Viebrooks bass rumbling along nicely underneath it all, a thrash lovers paradise. Title track “Defectum Omnium-Stolen Hope” is epic; opening with a haunting choral chant that drops into a mid-tempopo grinder that delves into the depths of hell, Thomas and O’Brien lay on heavy riffs with Viebrooks smashing it with his monstrous bass line and Horn supplying a drum beat that drives the track.

The intro to “Three Stages Of Truth – Lacing The Well” is a soft acoustic lure to draw you in before kicking you in the teeth with its blasting drum beat, thunderous bass and brutal riffs, a real contender for track of the album. “Sedition” is a short sharp punk thrasher that rips along, it’s not a bad track but unfortunately it’s the weakest track, for me it doesn’t really fit. Ripping along at a million miles an hour “Desensitized” will blow you away, Horn out does himself with some unreal drumming ably assisted by Viebrooks who adds an extra element of heavy with his bass while Thomas’ growling vocals kick it up a notch, the guitar work from both Thomas and O’Brien is brilliant with monster riffs and a cool solo, a banger tune. The album closes with “Your Six”, a southern sludge number that has a groove to it that permitates your brain and lodges there, slow and heavy as hell this one lingers long after the final refrains, a killer way to finish the album.

Review: Conor 

“Defectum Omnium” is out the 8th of March


1. Wrath of Prophecies 4:13
2. Under the Gaslight 4:20
3. Forever and Beyond Despair 3:02
4. The Tale of Unsound Minds 5:00
5. Divide and Conquer 2:38
6. Year of the Goat 3:26
7. Taken by Flames 5:18
8. Defectum Omnium – Stolen Hope 7:13
9. Three Stages of Truth – Lacing the Well 6:45 10. Sedition 2:56
11. Desensitized 4:58
12. Your Six 4:27



Exhorder are:

Kyle Thomas Lead vocals, guitar

Pat O’Brien Lead guitar

Sasha Horn Drums

Jason Viebrooks Bass