Dutch Heavy Psychedelic Prog Band Bismut Unveils First Single and Video from Upcoming Album Ausdauer

Dutch Heavy Psychedelic Prog Band Bismut Unveils First Single and Video from Upcoming Album Ausdauer
The wait is finally over for fans of progressive heavy psychedelic music, as the renowned Dutch instrumental band, Bismut, proudly announces the release of their highly anticipated first single and accompanying video from their upcoming album. This milestone also coincides with the start of vinyl pre-orders for the album, offering fans the chance to secure their copy of this work of art.

The new single, titled 不安 (fuan), is a mind-bending journey through the band’s signature blend of thunderous riffs, mesmerizing psychedelic textures, and an otherworldly atmosphere. This track serves as a tantalizing glimpse into their meticulously crafted upcoming album.

The video is a true visual spectacle, featuring a captivating amalgamation of the band mesmerizing live performances. Compiled from raw, unfiltered footage captured by dedicated fans during the band’s incredible live shows, the video not only showcases the band’s electrifying on-stage energy but also invites viewers to relive the unique experience of being in the audience. The stunning video seamlessly integrates the album’s cover art, a masterpiece designed by the talented Studio Another Day and Maria Dabrowski, creating a multisensory experience that is both visually captivating and audibly immersive.

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Bismut is thrilled to announce that vinyl pre-orders for the album will commence simultaneously with the release of the single and video. This limited-edition vinyl release, a collaboration between the band’s current Dutch label Lay Bare Recordings and the Spanish label Spinda Records, promises to be a collector’s dream, with the album cover art showcased in all its intricate detail on the record sleeve.
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About Bismut
Hailing from the city of Nijmegen in the Netherlands, Bismut is a dynamic heavy psych trio that has been carving their unique path since forming in 2016. Drawing influences from an eclectic blend of genres including progressive rock, doom, metal, stoner, heavy psych, and classic hard rock, their music is an intense and mesmerizing fusion that transcends traditional boundaries. Their distinctive sound has earned them a dedicated fanbase, and their performances on stages across Europe have solidified their reputation as a force to be reckoned with.
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