Defects // The Sophie Lancaster Stage // BOA22 // Saturday August 13th

“DEFECTS is a new collaboration of seasoned young musicians, who have spent the last 10 years collectively touring the world under different projects.
Having collectively released multiple albums worldwide and spending years on the road alongside acts such as Iron Maiden, Bring Me The Horizon, Shinedown, Disturbed and Bullet For My Valentine, they have come together to deliver an offering of new sound and energy which is truly special.
Breathing fresh life into modern Heavy Metal, their songs feature viciously executed riffs with relentless earth-shaking grooves, all intertwined with visceral, melodic choruses that are drenched in soul and heartache.”
Rock ‘N’ Load’s Thoughts ” A very polished performance from Defects announced their arrival on the Bloodstock scene, Djent in parts, Thrash in others, Modern Metal in its finest all fused together by stellar vocals that range from the guttural through to melodic clean and then some, if you have not made note of the name, do so now. Defects are a force to be reckoned with.