Decline And Fall – Portuguese Darkwave Experimenters Unveil New Track “Undone”

Decline And Fall – Portuguese Darkwave Experimenters Unveil New Track “Undone”

Decline and Fall, a new Dark Wave project from Portugal formed by Armando TeixeiraHugo Santos and Ricardo S. Amorim, today share a new track off their forthcoming debut EP “Gloom”, which is set to be released on May3 via Bleak Recordings.

Titled “Undone”, this new track is now playing at this location.

Armando Teixeira has a long and multifaceted career and is considered one of the pioneers of EBM and Industrial in Portugal, through projects such as Ik Mux, which began in 1986, and Bizarra Locomotiva, which he founded in 1993 and remained the main creative force until he left a decade later. With a vast and award-winning body of work as a composer, whether in Boris Ex-MachinaKnok KnokDa WeaselBullet or Balla, which has been the artistic incarnation he has nurtured for the longest time, he also has a prolific career as a record producer.

Ricardo S. Amorim is the author of the books Culto Eléctrico and Wolves Who Were Men-The History of Moonspell, and met Armando Teixeira in 2015 for an article about Bestiário, the second full-length by Bizarra Locomotiva, released in 1998. When they met again years later, in conversations about music and records that influenced them, Armando Teixeira’s desire to return to his roots was awakened, composing in a way that brought to the surface what would be his primary influences, from post-punk to new wave, through industrial, but with a necessarily more evolved experience and artistic maturity, as well as access to completely different tools from those he had when he started out in the 80s, and a technical and theoretical knowledge that has never stopped growing.

Wanting to surround himself with people who shared this vision, Hugo Santos, from Process of Guilt, which, over the last 20 years, has explored heaviness and rhythmic intensity, punishingly repetitive and cathartic, as a privileged form of expression. Common tastes and influences are discovered, records are shared that have influenced all three or that are new discoveries for one or the other, inspiration grows and the seed that gives rise to Decline and Fall germinates.

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