Thousand Thoughts reveal emotional music video to new single UNDONE

Listen to Undone here/ Watch Undone here

Following the world premiere on Germany’s metal.deThousand Thoughts are happy to share the emotionally packed music video to the new single Undone, out now. You can watch the music video here.

The music video is a visual representation to the lyrics at face value. The protagonist takes the viewer on a night-time journey, witnessing unpleasant moments. Situations, many may feel connected to. Singer Ethan says about the music video: “The entire shoot took place over one long night in Manchester and it was great being able to work with Karl and his amazing team at ‘No Class’ again. I hope you enjoy what we have created together.”

Similar to the bands previous single PrisonerUndone introduces fans and new listeners to a new era with darker sounds and deeper lyrics. Singer Ethan says about the creation of the new single: “Tom posted a snippet of the instrumentals he’d created, and immediately my ears pricked up. We spoke about it together, and both felt given the direction TT was going in that the track contained everything we should bring to the table and develop together. It was a fair few months into Tom joining the band so the best way I can describe Undone, just as a moment, would be that it was the exact point where the pair of us knew we were creatively & directionally on the same page.”

The band has never been stepped aside from showing their emotions, in hope people will find comfort and hope that they are not alone. Using the metaphor of a car, the song describes a range of emotions going on inside, resembling the human body living through a dark situation. Connecting with the feeling of wanting to give up, Undone offers a deeper insight into thoughts and feelings a lot of people go through on a daily basis.

Having just recently joined the band, Undone is the collaborative work of guitarist Tom and singer Ethan: “Undone represents a turning point for us creatively, as both me and Ethan came to understand our own individual styles and how the synergy of that will shape the future of Thousand Thoughts.”

In late June, the band will hit the road for their first ever tour in Germany. Tickets available here.

Tour dates:
28.06.2022 – MTC – Cologne, Germany
29.06.2022 – Privatclub – Berlin, Germany
30.06.2022 – Backstage Club – Munich, Germany

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