Cosmic Joke release debut album on Hardlore / Triple B Record

Cosmic Joke release debut album on

HardLore Records / Triple B Records

Share video for punchy track “Kamikaze”

Photo Credit: Andy Eclov

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WATCH: “Kamikaze”
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Based in Los Angeles, California, Cosmic Joke are creating hardcore punk with a skate punk flair. Today, the band shares their debut album, Cosmic Joke, the first release on HardLore Records, which formed after two years as a podcast and in collaboration with Triple B Records. The nine songs on the self-titled album are slinky with a melodic punch and plenty of guitar riffs. Taking influence from acts like Bad Religion, Circle Jerks, and Descendents, they’re able to create an infectious sound driven by punk-pop sensibilities. Lyrically, the record heavily revolves around consumerism, looking inward and outward at always wanting more than you have and it never being enough. The album can be streamed HERE and is available for purchase on vinyl HERE.

Cosmic Joke has also shared a music video for punchy opening track, “Kamikaze.” The Tyler Bradberry directed clip is composed of live footage from a performance at the Midnight Hour in San Fernando Valley, CA, and can be watched HERE.

The album was completed in two sessions with Tracks 1-4 recorded and mixed in March 2023 at the Pit in Van Nuys, CA by Taylor Young. Tracks 5-9 originally appeared on the demo and were recorded by the band’s guitarist, Vince Amador in Oxnard, CA and mixed by Jon Markson. All tracks were mastered by Nick Townsend.

Cosmic Joke will hit the road with Destiny Bond for a west coast tour starting January 26th, full dates below.

Cosmic Joke is Mac Miller – vocals, Morgan Miller – guitar/vocals, Niki Vahle – drums, Jake Goldstein – bass, Evan Rowe – guitar, and Vince Amador – guitar.

Cosmic Joke Tracklist:

1. Kamikaze

2. Empty Nesting Doll

3. Throwing Stones

4. Tempered Expectations

5. Cosmic Joke

6. Howard Beale

7. Hedonic Treadmill

8. Leave It Alone

9. Morphine

Tour Dates:

w/ Destiny Bond

1/26 – Oxnard, CA @ CFF

1/27 – San Fernando, CA @ The Midnight Hour

1/28 – San Diego, CA @ Che Cafe

1/29 – Las Vegas, NV @ Venere’s Pizza

1/30 – Phoenix, AZ @ PV Lounge

2/1 – Los Angeles, CA @ the Echo w/ MSPaint

3/1-3/3 – Tacoma, WA @ Just Another Gig (Fest)