Conquer Divide Tackle Acceptance On New Song “the INVISIBLE”

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Conquer Divide – “the INVISIBLE” (Official Audio)

CONQUER DIVIDE have revealed new song “the INVISIBLE,” taken from their upcoming new album Slow Burn, which will be released on September 8 via Mascot Records. Listen to “the INVISIBLE”  here. You can pre-order the album HERE. 

“the INVISIBLE.” has many lived-in, emotional layers that paint a picture that takes you right back to your youth, especially if you are part of an alt scene and made to feel like an outcast,” the band explains, offering insight into the song. “It confronts the dynamic between your true self and your desire to be accepted by the ‘cool kids.’ One day, you realize that you don’t need to seek validation from those in a sad state of affairs. They project their insecurities onto others because they lack emotional maturity and self-esteem.”

The band — vocalist Kiarely Taylor, bassist/vocalist Janel Duarte, guitarist Isabel Johnson, drummer Samantha Landa, and guitarist Kristen Sturgis hail from the U.S., U.K., and Canada have generated support from BBC Radio 1 Introducing show with Alyx Holcombe, Metal Hammer, Rock Sound, Distorted Sound, Idobi,  SXM Octane, Revolver, Alternative Press, Loudwire, and more.

They have also recently announced that they will be joining Electric Callboy on their (almost) sold-out US tour from 25 August to 15 September The tour follows their collaboration on the Electric Callboy hit “FCKBOI,”  that features the band.

Momentum has been building. They finished last year touring with Attack Attack!, and slayed the crowd at Welcome to Rockville last month. With the shows have come the hotly anticipated  new songs. Three have already previously been revealed from the album, Atonement, Paralyzed and welcome2paradise. They have picked up incredible Spotify playlists on the likes of, The Core, Metal Hits, Kickass Metal, Heavy Queens, Rock Hard, All New Metal as well as several Amazon, Deezer and Apple Music playlists. They will be playing Blue Ridge festival in September, sharing the stage with Sleep Token and Polyphila.

Alyx Holcombe played previous single welcome2paradise on her BBC Radio 1 Introducing show, saying,“We’re gonna go in hard again on Conquer Divide. What I love about this band is the sharp changes of the clean vocals and the screaming and there’s something about the clean vocals that seem really noughties for me, and I adore that.”

Conquer Divide – welcome2paradise

Slow Burn ushers in a new era for CONQUER DIVIDE, one defined by breathtaking sonic refinement, intensely personal lyrical storytelling, and a seamless balance between hard-hitting modern metal and irresistible melody. Slow Burn is stacked with confessional expressions of vulnerability, frustration, and, ultimately, hope. Each song on Slow Burn summons forth brand new levels of catharsis. There are anthemic hooks throughout the energized songs, addressing social unrest (“system_failure”) and environmental destruction (“welcome2paradise”), with Biblical references (“N E W H E A V E N”), and intensely personal revelations of abuse (“the INVISIBLE,”  “Playing w/ Fire”).

They’ve highlighted frustrations and struggles they’ve come across in the music industry on the album closer “gAtEkEePer.” “It’s a giant F U to all the industry gatekeepers who minimize women’s participation in rock and metal spaces,” they say. “Keep your damn gate. We’ll take the throne.”

Described by Rock Sound as a “monster” track “designed for arenas,” “Paralyzed” offered the first taste of CONQUER DIVIDE’s long-awaited album. Inspired by guitarist Kristen Sturgis’ “harrowing experiences as a nurse amid the pandemic” (Revolver Magazine), the emotional and vulnerable “Paralyzed” was nominated by Metal Hammer for Best Metal Song of 2022. Hammer said, “Shimmering notes of electronica mix with heavy metalcore beatdowns, but the true MVP of Paralyzed is the absolutely enormous chorus, an emotional call-to-arms with an explosive crescendo that calls to mind the instant anthem qualities of Spiritbox.”

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Conquer Divide – “Paralyzed” (Official Music Video)

Conquer Divide – “Atonement” (Official Music Video)

1. Atonement
2. N E W H E A V E N
3. Paralyzed
4. welcome2paradise
6. system_failure
7. playing w/ fire
8. Over It.
9. Afterthought.wav
11. wide awake
12. OnlyGirl
12. gAtEkEePeR