Cold Hart Shares Melancholic Post-Punk Single “TSOM”




Cold Hart by Mario Dante 

“his enthusiasm crests in moments of lovestruck weightlessness, buoyed by the easy charm of the Long Beach skater scene he grew up in.” – Pitchfork

Over a decade ago, Long Island based songwriter/producer Cold Hart got his start twisting the pop punk and metal songs that soundtracked his youth into languid hip hop-tracks. Many releases later, his musical evolution has found him narrowing in on traditional songwriting that better approximates the music that he grew up listening to; whether it be The Cure, Depeche Mode, or Tears for Fears.

Continuing on this new sonic journey, today he shares his nostalgia fueled lofi post-punk single “TSOM” produced by Andrew Dawson (Kid Cudi, Linkin Park, Code Orange) and longtime collaborator YAWNS (GOTHBOICLIQUE).

The sound of memories,” Cold Hart muses. “Me and YAWNS wanted to make a song that was very post punk driven, something perfect to drive through a foggy road at night to. We started making it in a room in my old house on Long Island and then finished it in Arizona at Andrew Dawson’s studio.” Listen to the new single below:



From Long Beach, CA, Filipino-American artist Cold Hart co-founded the GOTHBOICLIQUE collective where he helped pioneer a brazen hybrid of emo and hip hop.  Bringing a modern production sensibility to guitar riffs and samples, it felt instantly nostalgic to kids that grew up listening to bands like Brand New and Blink-182.

With a flair for melody that his 1 million monthly listeners devour with each release,  he has shared a number of singles and definitive vocal mixtapes such as 2016’s ‘OC Season 1 & 2’ and 2017’s ‘Downer’ before exploring new sonic territory on his full-length debut studio album ‘Good Morning Cruel World’ (2019), followed up by ‘Every Day Is A Day’ (2021) and career spanning mixtape ‘OC Season 3’ (2022).  Following a summer tour with The Drums, Cold Hart dropped his dreamy single “Gazer” that positioned him in the world of guitar-forward experimental alt-rock with traces of shoegaze and bedroom pop melodicism.

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