Cold Hart Drops Track “Dying” Feat. Lil Peep




Today, Epitaph’s resident alternative rapper – Cold Hart – drops a track titled “Dying” that posthumously features his friend and longtime collaborator Lil Peep. The track appears on Cold Hart’s mixtape OC Season 3 which is now also available to stream in full, a 27-song agglomeration that spans his career, including collaborations with artist collective GOTHBOICLIQUE. Musing on the project, Cold Hart says,

I wrote these love songs to pass the time but more importantly almost as a memoir of the moment,” the Long Beach native explains. “Not literally what was happening but the emotions of the era. I miss all my friends from this time when everything was pure and raw and we made whatever we wanted anywhere. Literally anywhere. Gbc love gang originals <3 rip gus, bakari, sketchy, kawaii, inju, Nate Fly high.”



Working with acclaimed underground producers such as Charlie ShufflerGREAF, and Fish Narc, the result is a brazen hybrid of emo and hip hop that brings modern production sensibility to guitar riffs and samples. Cold Hart’s signature vocal reverb captures the disaffection and discontentment of the mundanities of life, through lyrical themes highlighting mental health, drug use and heartache.

As a native of Southern California, the title The OC Season 3 is an homage to the famed Y2K teen television show and others of the time, with tracks aptly named “Ryan and Marissa,” “90210,” and “One Tree Hill.” The songs exclusively lived on SoundCloud and YouTube until today, marking another chapter in Cold Hart’s ever-expanding repertoire for alternative and rap fans everywhere.

Commenting on the DIY ethos that runs throughout the project, Cold Hart states, “I made all these songs from west side Long Beach in a shed in my parents backyard, to a house in Boyle heights w nedarb and horsehead, a loft in downtown LA, a pink apartment in Echo Park, my North Hollywood apartment with my friend pretty heart break, and then to Brooklyn, New York in my apartment w yawns and fish.”

Cold Hart also discusses the early days of GBC and the internal dichotomy that helped propel the idea to reality, stating, “I was hopeless then, but not afraid. I was depressed but I was lit, just like everyone else was. I grew up in the hood but I loved alternative music, but I was too turnt for the alt kids. We dressed like rockers but we posted up at the rap shows downtown. I didn’t have anyone to be in a band with so we sampled songs to express how we felt. We didn’t need anything back then.”

About Cold Hart

As a vocalist, songwriter, producer and co-founder of the seminal rap collective GothBoiClique (Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, Lil Peep, Horse Head, Døves, JPDreamthug, Lil Tracy, Mackned, YAWNS, fish narc,) Cold Hart has consistently been on the cutting edge of alternative hip-hop and rock since 2013. The Filipino-American artist pairs rap with seemingly unrelated genres like emo, gothic rock, and even country, to mystify and delight music fans alike with his genre-defying sound. He’s released a number of singles and definitive vocal mixtapes such as 2016’s ‘OC Season 1 & 2’ and 2017’s ‘Downer’ before exploring a new sonic territory on his full-length debut studio album ‘Good Morning Cruel World’ in 2019 and follow up, ‘Every Day Is A Day’ in 2021.

Cold Hart & Lil Peep’s prolific collaborations have garnered tens of millions of streams and have been lauded by the likes of HypebeastLyrical Lemonade and Clash Magazine.

The OC Season 3 Tracklist

1.     Candlelight

2.     Lately

3.     Never

4.     Fml

5.     Star Girl

6.     90210

7.     C4

8.     You Can Have My Shirt

9.     City Boyy

10.  Teach Me How To Sleep

11.  hold on

12.  collar bones

13.  exit reality

14.  hopefully u die

15.  blest

16.  I don’t wanna die in California

17.  prom date

18.  One more dance

19.  One tree hill

20.  Pretty girls

21.  Aladdin

22.  Imagineigrewupwithyouonlongisland

23.  Like Chains (feat. Wicca Phase)

24.  Ryan and marissa

25.  Aperol

26.  Cold Hart & Lil Peep "Dying"

27.  Napal

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