Cape Town’s John Battersby Band Unveils Debut Album “Stone Figures”

Cape Town’s John Battersby Band Unveils Debut Album “Stone Figures” – A Nostalgic Journey of Authentic Living and Meaningful Connections
After establishing his musical presence with the renowned Red Tape Riot, Cape Town-based artist John Battersby is back with a fresh endeavor, introducing the John Battersby Band. Comprising a seasoned lineup featuring Marc Klein on drums, Tristan Bell on guitar, and CJ Duckitt on bass, this dynamic group of musicians brings a wealth of experience to the table, promising a professional approach to both production and performance.

The John Battersby Band’s sound is a captivating fusion of Indie and classic rock influences, drawing inspiration from iconic acts such as The Killers, War on Drugs, The Black Keys, Dire Straits, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, and Fleetwood Mac. Their music seamlessly blends new and old sounds, offering listeners an instantly accessible experience that feels both nostalgic and refreshing.

“Stone Figures,” the band’s debut album, is a poignant collection of John Battersby’s reflections on simple pleasures, friendship, and family. The album’s overarching theme revolves around gratitude, acknowledging forces beyond us, and embracing the guiding power in our lives. Nature and meaningful connections play a pivotal role, creating a musical time capsule that resonates with fondness and longing.

Commenting on the album’s message, John Battersby shared, “Stone Figures contains various nostalgic messages, but if it had to be broken down into just one concise message, it would be to live authentically, to honor your past (recent and ancient), and to move forward in search of purpose and meaning.”

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The writing process for “Stone Figures” spanned from January 2022 to December 2023, allowing each band member ample time to infuse their meaning and inspiration into the songs. Adopting a loose and free approach, the band aimed to ensure the authenticity of their work. Producer and Mixing Engineer TJ Terblanche, involved from the early stages, played a crucial role in helping the band discover their true sound before recording. With meticulous attention to tones and a heartfelt dedication to each moment, the album came together seamlessly.
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