Canadian Grind/Hardcore Duo GREBER Unleash Next Single “Tree Carving” Off Album “Fright Without”

Canadian Grind/Hardcore Duo GREBER (members ex-F*ck The Facts, The Great Sabatini) Unleash Next Single “Tree Carving”

New Album “Fright Without” Out September 2022

Photo by Austin Gibson
Editing by Youth and Rust
Left to Right – Steve Vargas – Drums and Vocals, Marc Bourgon – Bass and Vocals

The deadly duo of Canada’s Greber is a harsh hardcore concoction that has a solid new LP “Fright Without” coming out this year. Since getting together way back in 2006, they have come out with an impressive array of albums including four full-lengths and six splits with a myriad of crushing bands. Thus far, they have put out two singles and are now following them up with a third in order to get fans stoked on the new release. The single “Tree Carving” is the shortest track on the album, at just a minute and a half, but it delivers a full barrage of grindy low end, backed by aggressive drums. They explain the single further:

“As Robert MeKee proclaimed in Charlie Kaufman’s “Adaptation” – “Wow them in the end, and you got a hit. You can have flaws, problems, but wow them in the end, and you’ve got a hit.” Well, hopefully, the listener is wowed with this short rager of a song and this record is a SMASH HIT. Lyrically it’s a trifecta of three paths with four souls hosting many regrets and no foreseeable way to undo it all.”

Greber is the powerhouse duo of Steve Vargas (drums/vocals) (The Great Sabatini, BIIPIIGWAN) and Marc Bourgon (bass, vocals) (ex-F*ck The Facts, Cancelled) who deliver a full sonic assault of grind and hardcore, leveraging the small member count to allow for more flexibility in their writing process. Bourgon, who writes the skeletal structures for the songs, always starts with lyrics – sometimes even just a title. He carries a journal around with him and the fleeting observations that make it in there, are what inspires most of his conceptual content. He says that “we all have this beautiful gift of seeing the world very differently than the next person and I’ve found that capturing those nuanced differences to be both liberating and maddening.”

Bands that are hard to pigeonhole, are the kind of bands that the guys in Greber enjoy and they love that they can do something different and not completely cause anyone to retch. Or CAUSE them to retch in a good way. They are recommended listening for fans of Cult Leader, Primitive Man, and Black Sheep Wall.

“Tree Carving” can be heard via its premiere on NoCleanSinging HERE.

“Fright Without” is slated for September 9, 2022, and will be available from the following labels: Ancient Temple and Nofuneral for Vinyl, CD, and Cassette in Canada, Hibernation Release for Vinyl in the USA, and 7 Degrees and Fresh Outbreak for Vinyl in Europe.

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Previous Singles:
Music Video – “Into Silence” –
Visualizer – “Fabricated Purpose” –

Track Listing:
1. Form (2:21)
2. Aging Debt (2:22)
3. Fabricated Purpose (3:43)
4. Into Silence (2:59)
5. Bush Cord of Entrails (1:56)
6. Larkinitis (3:25)
7. Dark Corners (2:34)
8. Rats of Subversion (4:52)
9. Nosebleed (3:05)
10. Tree Carving (1:33)
Album Length: 28:55

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