BURIED UNDER SKY’s ‘Darkest Corners’ Out Now and Streaming!

Melodic Metal/Rock project BURIED UNDER SKY have released debut EP Darkest Corners. It can be streamed and/or purchased at the link below!


“Beautifully carved and wonderfully sculpted, Darkest Corners is a record that defies all the odds by doing the opposite of what you might expect given the reputations, while also sounding majestic.”

– MetalNoise

“If there ever was a diverse album, this is certainly one of them. It seems performed with effortless ease. That is why we know hard work, imaginative song writing and a gifted creativity lies behind this awesome EP.”

– Veil of Sound

“The album is fascinating. It reminds me of many things from the past while simultaneously positioning itself as forward-looking. Recommended.”

– Flying Fiddlesticks

 “Completely exceeds any expectation we may have regarding Melodic Metal.”

– Dioses del Metal

“A more than solid offering for those who like their metal mixed with melody and a healthy dose of riffs to punctuate the beauty with brutality.

– Musipedia of Metal

“Buried Under Sky’s melodic gothic rock/metal has within it a hostile twist. That hostility comes from the aggravated screams and fluid double-bass drumming that pops up regularly. They don’t proclaim to be the heaviest, the fastest, or the most brutal band, but appear content to write songs that express their preference for many different styles of metal.”

– Heavy Music Headquarters

Buried Under Sky is a melodic metal/rock project that formed in the middle of the 2020 pandemic from members of the 90s Connecticut metallic hardcore scene. With an avowed love for dueling melodies and hard rock rhythms, Buried Under Sky wears its 90s influences on its sleeve with zero ambition to be the fastest, hardest, heaviest, or anything but four middle-aged guys with day jobs making the metal they want to hear.

Darkest Corners features a fantastic group of veteran musicians with impressive pedigrees, including:

Ian Kauffman (former Red Tide, Deadeyesunder, Crossthread):

Lead Guitar and Synth.

Kevin Salvatore (former Deadeyesunder):

Rhythm Guitar

Jay McGuire (former Otep, Tyrant Trooper):


Charlie Sad Eyes (Crawl Below, When The Deadbolt Breaks, Animal Schoolbus):


Mark Castillo (former Between The Buried & Me, Bury Your Dead):

Drums on “To Walk Upon Disintegration”

Track Listing:

1. Extinguishing The Stars

2. Darkest Corners

3. To Walk Upon Disintegration

4. Ghosts of May

5. We Eat Our Own