Bonafide release “Snacket” a song in Swedish

Bonafide release “Snacket” a song in Swedish

Watch the lyric video HERE:

’Are You Listening?‘ out on Black Lodge on October 27, 2023


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The second single from the upcoming album “Are You Listening” is the song “Snacket”. Alongside the single a lyric video is being released.

Snacket is a duet in Scanian (Swedish regional dialect) between Wilmer X frontman Nisse Hellberg and Pontus Snibb. The idea came about at an after party after the Wilmer X gig at Gröna Lund in Stockholm. Pontus asked if Nisse wanted to do a duet in Malmoeitic (a type of Scanian spoken in Malmoe).

Nisse liked the idea immediately. Pontus wrote the song the morning after and Nisse received a demo before he had time to take the train home to Malmö. Pontus has played on several Nisse Hellberg solo records and they play together on the soundtrack to Blådårar, the film about MFF and Zlatan. They have together recorded records with The Buckaroos both in Klågerup and New Orleans and done lots of gigs together.

Guest soloist on the song is none other than Pelle Jernryd on lapsteel.
Bonafide på skånska!

Stream the song here: 



01. Are You Listening
02. Hero To Zero
03. Salvation
04. Who’s Boss
05. Snacket
06. Dealt A Bad Hand
07. Rumble
08. Tonight I’m Wild
09. Tommie Nine Fingers
10. Little Miss Understood

Swedish Hard Rockers Bonafide is finally back in business with their new album “Are You Listening?” This is the bands first studio album since 2017´s “Flames”, and not only are they back, they are back with a vengeance! Every single one of the ten new tracks shows a band that once again are on fire! It´s pure high-energy uncompromising hard rock on a level that very few which very few other bands can match. The album is produced by Chips Kiesbye (Hellacopters, Sator, Sahara Hotnights, Backyard Babies) and the song “Snacket” features a duet with Nisse Hellberg from the legendary Swedish band Wilmer X.


Bonafide (2007)
Bonafide (2009) Reissue
Something’s Dripping (2009)
Fill Your Head With Rock – Old, New, Tried & True (EP) (2011)
Ultimate Rebel (2012)
Bombo (2013)
Denim Devils (2015)
Flames (2017)
Live at KB (2019)
Are You Listening? (2023)

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More info on Bonafide:

BONAFIDE was formed by singer/guitarist Pontus Snibb in Malmö, southern Sweden, in 2006. Their mission: to play hard rock the way it’s supposed to be played: true to its’ roots in the electric blues and early R&B.

In October 2007 Bonafide released their debut, simply titled Bonafide. Immediately they became quite busy playing the Scandinavian club and festival circuit, and supporting bands such as Deep Purple, Europe, Status Quo, Y&T, LA Guns, The Quireboys and countless of others in arenas and theaters.

In January 2009 Bonafide locked themselves into Music-a-Matic Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden with acclaimed producer Chips Kiesbye (The Hellacopters, The Nomads) and began to record their second full length album, titled Something’s Dripping, released world wide through Black Lodge Records. The album raced to #16 in the National Swedish Album chart, beating both Megadeth and Ace Frehley with whom they shared release date.

In November 2009 Bonafide embarked on a six week, nine country, 35+ shows long tour of Europe in support of the new album, that saw the band play clubs and theater style venues to great response.

Spring 2011 saw the band tour Europe once again. This time in support of the EP Fill Your Head With Rock – Old, New, Tried & True, originally planned as a single to promote the song Fill Your Head With Rock (also included on the Something’s Dripping CD), but the band booked themselves into a Stockholm recording studio, laid down some of their own favourite tracks by Humble Pie, Rose Tattoo and The Who, threw in some videos and leftovers from previous settings, and “voila!” – an EP was born that raced to the #1 slot on the Swedish mid-price chart.

Early December 2011, Bonafide made their UK debut at the Hard Rock Hell Festival’s main stage and another 10 shows around the UK, culminating in a show at London’s famous Islington O2 Academy, before going into the studio in early 2012 to record their third full length album.

Ultimate Rebel was released in early fall 2012 and was followed by continous touring, which quickly led into the recording of Bombo and its release in September 2013. That record’s tour circle broke a new record, with over a 100 gigs and festivals, all over Europe including the UK, Spain, Germany and of course their native Sweden.

In November 2014, the single Hold Down the Fort was released, as a first taster of the 2015 album Denim Devils – and the band celebrated with a European tour opening for their friends, Australian rockers Airbourne at packed, 1000+ venues each night. Denim Devils was tougher in its approach, mainly recorded live in bassist Martin Ekelund’s own studio Lemon Recordings in Klippan in the south of Sweden. One stand-out track was the single One Kiss, with its singalong chorus.

Early 2016, Bonafide’s Pontus Snibb decided to record a tribute to one of his heroes, Swedish singer Björn Skifs (#1 in the US with Hooked On a Feeling in the 70’s) and released the track Michelangelo, as a duet with singer Ralf Gyllenhammar of Mustasch (the song had originally been a contender in the Eurovision contest in the mid 70’s).

A year later, February 2017, it was yet again time for another album, entitled Flames, which was preceded by the single Smoke & Fire in late December. In 2017 the band also celebrated its 10th anniversary and the party certainly won’t stop! 2023 sees the release of their 8th album –  “Are You Listening?”  Bonafide has always done what they wanted. There’s no place for posturing. No semblance of selling out. No concessions and no corners cut. Just good, honest rock and roll.

Pontus Snibb – Vocals & Guitar
Anders Rosell – Guitar
Martin Ekelund – Bass
Niklas Matsson – Drums & Vocals on #8

Nisse Hellberg – Vocals on Snacket
Pelle Jernryd – Lap Steel on Snacket