FFO: Foals, Tame Impala, Fontaines DC, The Cure

“jangly indie melodies flourish under the summer-fueled vocals” – Earmilk

“Their sound has shades of Bleach Lab in a mash with China Bears while Gengahr lends ingredients. In a sense they belong to a long lineage of Alt Pop and Indie bands stretching back to the mid-eighties but their sound is fresh and vibrant” – Fresh on the Net

“it’s safe to say the band knows how to catch a vibe from one another when writing and performing music together.” – Hash Brand New

“British outfit take their cues from Foals with this bright and upbeat indie-pop gem” – Mystic Sons

“An absolute must listen gem” – Wolf In A Suit

“Dream pop masterpiece” – The Lowdown

“show-stopping alt-rock” – The Honey Pop

“Dream-pop specialists” – The Most Radicalist 

Buckinghamshire based four piece Bollo Bollo present their debut EP ‘I’ve Got a Good Feeling About This’. The EP sees the band blending the genres of indie and alternative-rock – leading everyone down a bright and fruity path towards their first full body of work. Along with their EP the band have released their latest single ‘Last Of Our Summers’ – a euphoric piece of indie-rock, which creates a unique cocktail for fans of the likes of Foals, Don Broco, Fontaines DC and Tame Impala.

“‘Last Of Our Summers’ is a song that’s been lingering for many years, dating back to 2018 originally titled ‘Rinky Dink’ as a scrappy demo on my iPad, it’s been Frankensteined more times than we can count and we almost gave up on it entirely. This is one of my favourite tracks on the EP due to the fact I feel it’s got almost every element of us crammed within a tune and really is the sound of all of our influences coming together in a single song. I love the unpredictable nature of the song and how it switches up between tight grooves, ambient sections and heavy moments in such a short space of time” – Sonny Ford (Guitarist)

Having already teased us with previous singles – ‘Mental Mirror’ and ‘Liquid Heaven’, Bollo Bollo have gained support from BBC Radio 6 Music and a number of tastemakers, with The Honey Pop calling them “show-stopping alt-rock”. Their ‘I’ve Got a Good Feeling About This’ EP is completed with ‘The Lion’ – a desert-rock style track that explodes into a wall of indie pop frenzy. Then there is the EP closing track ‘Subject To Change’ – a Foals fueled style track that grows into a wall of hazy indie rock. This EP, when put all together shows the full spectrum of Bollo Bollo’s talents as songwriters and performers.

“This EP was planned before the world took an unexpected turn, this ended up being a bit of a blessing in disguise, not only did we get the wonderful Luc on board with his drumming and production skills. We also had plenty of time to absorb as much inspiration as possible from the likes of Fontaines D.C, Don Broco and Mac Miller. Although not being able to physically see each other and jam hindered us, we took as much positive from the situation as possible and used one thing we had an abundance of, time. We really did take our time on this EP and we feel it has done nothing but good for it. The EP begins as it ends, with a very progressive and political track. Sandwiched in the middle is a combination of various troubles and difficulties we are faced with on, in some cases, a daily basis. Generally that is what life is, you live in a world of your own battles and sometimes forget the bigger picture. Surround yourself with love and support and things will be better. I’ve Got a Good Feeling About This is an EP that capitalizes on our problems in a way we hope shines a little light on others.” – Bradley Ayres (Vocalist)

‘I’ve Got A Good Feeling About This’ EP is due for release Friday 27th May 2022 via all streaming platforms. 




Sandwiched between Milton Keynes and Banbury in the quaint setting of Buckinghamshire, UK is the birthplace of Bollo Bollo, a four-piece Indie/Alternative rock band whose sound is anything but the description of their environmental surroundings.

The four-piece was formed in the summer of 2019, long before the world had remotely heard of COVID-19. Bollo Bollo may be relatively fresh on the scene, however, the individuals who make up the band are by no means amateurs in their field. Having played together in various projects over the span of many years (including the highly praised indie rock outfit Blushes, who achieved support and features from the likes of NME, BBC Radio 1, and Radio X to name a few), it’s safe to say the band knows how to catch a vibe from one another when writing and performing music together.

With an eclectic palette of shared influences including Foals, Tame Impala, and Idles, Bollo Bollo’s music is a blend of each member’s influences driven by textured production, intricate instrumentation, high levels of energy, and thought-provoking lyricism.

Bollo Bollo’s debut 2021 release ‘Mental Mirror’ garnered attention from a multitude of tastemakers and was selected heavily amongst influencers for ‘Fresh On The Net’ – Fresh Faves. The track went on to be played on the air by Tom Robinson on his BBC6 Music show. In 2020, just as the band was gearing up for a string of shows across the UK, disaster struck in the form of a global pandemic. Finding themselves in the same difficult position as many other creatives, Bollo Bollo had to improvise and find ways to adapt to their difficult situation.  Working from their respective home studios, the boys individually wrote and recorded new music and sent ideas back and forth which would make up the majority of the Bollo Bollo discography so far!

The future of Bollo Bollo looks incredibly exciting. The band’s debut five-track EP ‘I’ve Got A Good Feeling About This’ is due for release in the summer of 2022 and is a stunning representation of what they have to offer so far as well as an encouraging glimpse into what their future sounds may develop into.

Did somebody once say ‘The future is bright, the future is orange?’ We think they may be right…



5th June – The Finsbury – London (supporting Pushpin)