BEX releases debut EP creation ‘SCUM’ – a representation of fear, work, unity and love Ex

BEX releases debut EP creation ‘SCUM’ –

a representation of fear, work, unity and love

Featuring whirlwind new single ‘Chained Into My Brain’ –

a journey into BEX’ brain

UK Headline dates this week

Nu-punk trailblazer BEX has just released her wildly creative debut EP ‘SCUM’ via Scruff of the Neck Records. The collection addresses and explores some of the key values and issues in BEX’ life: feminism, love, honesty, unity, respect, mental and physical health. She assuredly proclaims: “I want to change the music industry, I want to change all industries. Self expression is different for everyone; for me it comes in different forms of physical art. Music is my most honest form of self expression –  ‘SCUM’ is a year’s worth of work and 20 years of living wrapped up into six songs. Lyrically, it’s an emotional rollercoaster. Musically, it’s pure bass. ‘SCUM’ has more bass than ever needed. It’s the roots of my life, my career, my feelings. ‘SCUM’ is the root of the forest I am about to grow.

When writing ‘SCUM’ I was feeling alone. Now it’s here to bring us together, to remind us we live in the same world, we face similar battles, we are fighting the same war. ‘SCUM’ represents US.”

‘Chained Into My Brain’ is the collection’s newest single. It’s a whirlwind of a composition, a venture into BEX’ brain at a time of particular mental turmoil in the creative’s life, and comes with a visually impactful music video. She says of the track: “It explores a time when I was very gullible to what my ex-partner was telling me; convincing me there was something wrong with me. I was drowning in emotions. They kept telling me I was acting strange, acting different all the time. When I look back now I feel manipulated. Their consistency in conveying these things to me meant that I lost myself. When I woke up I didn’t know who I was, I didn’t know what I was doing, my life was so confusing. I was down but I didn’t know why, I was happy and they were anticipating the comedown. When writing this track I didn’t understand why I felt this way, I had no clue where my emotions were coming from. It’s been many months and now I finally understand: it was them.

The important message I am sharing from this track is that sometimes you can’t see what’s causing you pain; your friends and family can’t see it; one day you will dig yourself out of it and everything will make sense. I have learnt to trust my gut, follow my heart and always go back to my roots, remembering who I really am.”

‘SCUM’ also includes the previously released ‘Filfy’ (a celebration of individuality and chosen family), which was picked as “Next Wave” on BBC Radio 1’s Future Artists with Jack Saunders. Impassioned anti-anthems ‘SPYD4 K1NG’, ‘Don’t Date The Devil’ and ‘Trust No One’ appear on the tracklist too.

A massive rock fan herself, citing influences including System of a Down, The Pretty Reckless, Rage Against The Machine & Paramore, as the 2020 lockdowns started to bite, BEX honed her creativity and vision from her student bedroom. A disciple of big riffs, she picked up a bass guitar and found that everything sounded better when you played it lower down. With an innate sense of what makes her generation tick and the problems facing the world today, she started out by uploading self-filmed bass covers of her favourite riffs, dressed in her self-designed clothes (made, stitched, and sewn by her). BEX is always intent on taking her creativity to the next level and beyond as is evident in her diverse and prolific audio, visual and wearable creations.

Having torn festival stages to shreds at 2000trees, Misery Loves Company and Y Not? this summer, BEX is looking forward to her first ever headline tour of the UK which kicks off this week! As well as proving herself an innovative and accomplished songwriter with the collection of tracks she’s released so far, live is where BEX thrives.


01 November London        The Black Heart TICKETS

02 November Birmingham Dead Wax TICKETS

03 November Manchester Zombie Shack TICKETS

04 November Glasgow        Nice n Sleazy TICKETS


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