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Kicking off February in style we have a tour showcasing the best in modern death metal right now.

Hailing from Denmark, Baest are one of the new breed of bands flying the flag for a modern take on classic death metal.

Since starting in 2015 Baest has been touring the globe & kicking arse so it was great to finally see the boys in action.

On the bill, we have some of the creme de la creme of UK death metal right now. Strangle Wire & Belfast’s Insidious Void from Belfast & London’s Ancient Rivalry!

Ancient Rivalry @ The Black Heart // London

 The first kicking of the show is Ancient Rivalry. Currently one of my favourite new bands. Releasing their surprising demo in 2023 I was blown away. A band filled with veterans in the UK death metal & hardcore scene this group of maniacs have something great.

Only playing a few shows & early in the band’s infancy, they are still able to put on a fantastic show. Tracks like “Endless Pillars Of Agony” & “Abomination” really harness the primal speed of Deicide with the technical riffing & solo sections of Morbid Angel.

Even getting a sneak peek at some new material the band have already stepped up their calibre. With an epic intro before letting loose in a chaotic blasting section as the vocalist’s low growls soak the song in filth. This new song sounds fantastic live & I can’t wait to hear the band record it. If AR is on any support for shows coming to you make sure you check them out.

Strangle Wire & Insidious Void @ The Limelight // Belfast 

In Belfast, we have two homegrown bands who command the death-metal scene locally in Northern Ireland.

Danish death metal merchants Baest return to Belfast once again to pick up where they left off decimating an unsuspecting Belfast audience with a stellar live show. In tow, we have two of Belfast’s finest Death Metal bands Strangle Wire and Insidious Void.

Strangle Wire are not long back from a US tour and once again grace local stages to keep their thirsty local fans appeased, Insidious Void are no strangers to supporting a barrage of touring bands and of course, participating in M2TM and last year’s Grand Declaration Of War, one of the finest showcases in the local metal scene in 2023.

Insidious Void kicks things off early, this monstrous three-piece know how to deliver, a brutal display as always from the first thrash of the guitar to the last with an equally brutal backline pummelling the early on watchers, Belfast is in for a painful treat tonight. The sound is as thick as Ron Jeremy’s schlong, gnarly riffs and a powerful vocal display ensure The Limelight is rocking on a school night #nosleeptillbedtime


Up next the savage Strangle Wire, 30 minutes of glorious sonic violence gets the heart racing and ears bleeding! These guys are tight as fuck, always polished, always prepared, like the Boy Scouts they are, they always bring it live. The sound is gargantuan, the air is moving in the room and the hardcore faithful are digging it.

Strangle Wire batter and bruise all who stand in their way, tonight is no exception, it may be a Monday night in Belfast but for the short but sweet set we are transported to another universe altogether, united in death metal heaven the slamming riffs, thumping bass, pummelling drums guttural growls of Peter Clarke for a brief moment makes you forget about the shit show that is going to be 2024!



Baest @ The Black Heart // London

Now for the headline act Baest. These guys are doing something truly brilliant right now. Melding that old-school Swedish death metal sound with some aspects of a more modern sound. Right from taking the stage with “Genesis” they get the crowd going.

The band’s energy is high & they have come to have a fun but brutal time. It’s only the first song but they are so tight. No warming up here. Guitarists Lasse Revsbech & Svend Karlsson are so locked in the tremolo riffing or impressive lead playing these guys are a perfect duo.

Vocalist Simon Olsen might have a slight language barrier but he is still charming & funny between songs keeping the crowd engaged & enthusiastic. Playing their newest track “Colossus” shows the huge step the band has taken since their last already phenomenal album 2021’s “Necro Sapiens”.

A banger of a track that gets the whole room jumping & moving. A heavy death n roll vibe with this one. A Stomper that gets your head banging right from the first pass of the main riff. But still using elements like clean picking & ethereal tones and then switching up to a circle pit section shows these guys aren’t just a bunch of riffs. Their songwriting is solid & the live translation works brilliantly.

Bringing out a deep cut with “Wormlord” this beautiful HM2-soaked song is a real neckbreaker. It’s one for the circle pitters & headbangers for sure. Also shows just how much of a machine drummer Sebastian Abildsten is behind the kit. Holding down the whole set, hitting hard & keeping his performance so fun to watch.

Closing out an outstanding set with the band’s now biggest track “Necro Sapiens”. The group played one of their hottest & sweaty shows but still gave every ounce they had left. Even with vocalist Simon Olsen coming down into the crowd & saying “I’m a Christmas tree, dance around me” as the moshers circle pit around him. Phones come out, everyone is filming & it’s a great little moment that shows just how captivating Baest are live they keep the audience involved with the show & make it a night to bloody remember. Well worth the wait boys!

Review: Guy Williams // London

Photography: Mark McGrogan // Belfast 

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01.02.24 (UK) London – The Black Heart
02.02.24 (UK) Newcastle – Little Buildings – SOLD OUT
03.02.24 (UK) Edinburgh – La Belle Angele
04.02.24 (UK) Glasgow – Classic Grand
05.02.24 (UK) Belfast – Limelight 2
06.02.24 (IRE) Dublin – The Grand Social
07.02.24 (UK) Manchester – Rebellion
08.02.24 (UK) Bristol – The Gryphon – SOLD OUT
09.02.24 (UK) Plymouth – The Underground
10.02.24 (UK) Bournemouth – The AnvilIn March BAEST are playing two shows in their native Denmark:
15.03.24 (DK) Aarhus – Train
23.03.24 (DK) Copenhagen – Vega


Simon Olsen – vocals
Svend Karlsson – guitars
Lasse Revsbech – guitars
Mattias Melchiorsen – bass
Sebastian Abildsten – drumsBAEST online: